Sennelier Aqua Guttas - Clear

This product is discontinued. 

Water-soluble, non-toxic resist made in France where they really know the silk painting business. Rinsing the fabric in warm water removes resist lines. This one is steamable, so can be used with professional silk dyes, and has excellent resist properties for a water based product.

Note: This resist is steamable and works better with steaming than other water-based resists, but even so, once the resist is subjected to the prolonged high heat of steam-setting it changes the composition of the resist and can make it really stick to the silk and hard to wash out. The best thing you can do is GENTLY scrub with a SOFT toothbrush over the lines during the washing. It doesn't always work. If you use silk dyes and don't want to deal with resist not washing out you can use solvent-based gutta and then dry clean it out, or use colored water-based resists that you leave on the fabric. Water-based resist does wash out easily if you use a silk paint rather than a silk dye because the paint only requires ironing to heat-set. Now comes in a dark BROWN bottle!

Made in: FRANCE (FR)

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I really enjoyed using this product. It has a great viscosity so it's easy to use and it's very flexible so you can do some nice detail work. The bottle is a great size for most projects I used mine for several medium sized projects with no problems. I look forward to many more happy experiences with this water resist. Washing it out does take a little bit of rubbing but it comes out great!
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This is a consistantly good product.
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Works well even when mixing with a color The first time I used it I should have added a little water to make it flow better.
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This still works great after sitting in the garage for 10 years. Yeah! When I started silk painting (early 90's) Dharma's main silk expert (Paulette) told me that Senelier aqua gutta is best. It has never been less than perfect for me. I love coloring it with dye to get softer serti lines. Today (2011) their silk expert (Ivy) told me that the cheaper Jacquard is as good. But the customer reviews seem to show that Sennelier is still the best. Don't mess with success -- pay a little more to be safe.
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This aqua gutta is far superior to the Jacquard water based gutta which I was using before.
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