Silkpaint! Water-soluble Resist - Black

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Must be steam set using the stovetop steaming method. This is the most unique of our water based resists. Because it is made by Silkpaint!, it holds the line pretty well for the Serti Technique. Unlike other colored water based resists, which behave more like a
paint, this acts like a clear resist with dye in it. When you steam it, you set the dye in the resist as well as the dye of your painting. When you wash it, you wash out the resist and leave the dye. Therefore, it leaves no feel on the fabric, just like a clear resist that has been removed. Silkpaint! Black Resist has been formulated to provide a strong black line when steam-set with acid (‘French’-type or acid recipe) dyes. With other types of dyes,the color of the line may end up more like charcoal, depending on steaming time and
other factors.


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Did I get an old batch?M y line spread and made a mess. Did not contain the dye well either. I was very disappointed.
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Very impressive...I used this product with a pressure cooker steamer and it worked well...a very dark charcoal close to black...
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Great product easy to control.
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I love this resist and use it a lot. It easy to use holds the line well the black line it leaves is actually black and it washes out easily. I had encountered few problems using it (it didn't wash out made clumps stuck to iron and back stained silk) and first I blamed it on the resist but later I learned that it was my mistake I didn't steam the silk long enough or didn't have right temperature during steaming. When the process is done properly it works like magic. I wish it would be cheaper but hey good thing can't be cheap right? And I have only one negative comment and it's the size of the bottle. 4 ounces is just not enough. I wish the would sell bigger bottles..
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Just tried this resist. I like it no problem. Followed instructions after steam let sit 24 hours before washing. It did hold onto news print but it washed out easily. I even painted next to it before dry to test it. So far great experience with this product. Thanks. Just what I need.
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