Silkpaint! Water-soluble Resist - Clear

Silkpaint! Water-soluble Resist - Clear
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The Silkpaint! company has specialized in this resist for 30 years, and it shows. It has a lot of uses and

Paint while resist is still wet!
Add dyes to make colored resists.
Use as a stop-flow when thinned with water.
Steam-able, or can be used with iron-set silk paints.
Remove with cool water!
No fumes, non-toxic!

For a water based resist, this one holds the lines well for silk thicknesses up to 16mm. The formula has been recently tweaked to wash out easily from the silk. This one is nice because you can get it in quarts too.

Note: This resist is steam-able and formulated for acid-based pH dyes (‘French-type’ dyes, or other
acid-recipe pH dyes). If the resist is subjected to fixatives that are alkaline in pH, or the prolonged high
heat steam-setting of alkaline-recipe/alkaline pH dyes, it changes the acid pH composition of the resist
and can make it stick to the silk and hard to wash out. The best thing you can do at this point is rinse in
a bath of white vinegar (so it returns the Silkpaint resist to its original acid pH) and GENTLY brush with
a SOFT toothbrush over the lines. Water-based resist washes out easily when used with both iron set paints and steam set silk dyes.


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1 star rating
DO NOT uses Silkpaint resist if you are steaming your silk! I got this resist mixed up with my Sennelier Aqua Gutta (love it) resist. After steaming Silkpaint resist would NOT come out of the pieces! I tried everything: soaking scrubbing with a soft brush even took the pieces to the dry cleaners. They tried several ways to get it out and it wouldn't come out. I now have big fat labels on my resist bottles WARNING me NOT to steam Silkpaint resist!
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5 star rating
I work with Ugandan women who use the Resist to make designs on silk scarves they are painting. The Resist is extremely easy to use. There is no product waste and no mess to clean up. It washes out of the fabric quite easily in the end so the fabric feels smooth and silky once again.
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3 star rating
I really want to like this resist but it is way too difficult to remove after steaming.
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2 star rating
This didn't work for me at least not for my application. I was looking for a resist to use on cotton with sprayed fabric paint. This resist turned out spotty and uneven. . . . might be terrific with silk though.
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4 star rating
After using another water-soluable resist for years it started coming in very poor condition with crystals and hard lumps like the bottom of the barrel had been scraped. So I have just tried this and so far so good. At least the consistancy is smoother!
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