Bamboo Rayon Scarves

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Machine sewn hems!
Machine sewn hems!
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Bamboo fibers are the new hotness! So we went out and got some 100% bamboo rayon fabric, which is soft as heavily buttered silk covered in down feathers from a baby goose, and then we went and made scarves out of it. Luscious, gorgeous 100% Bamboo Rayon scarves with hand rolled hems at Dharma-tastic prices.

Remember that all rayon is delicate when wet, so handwashing is recommended. 

Made in: CHINA (CN)

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Dyes nicely but the rolled hems do not stay rolled during the dye washout process- hand rinsed in small bowl and sink. Ordered these scarves twice first batch of 6 had nice thick hems. Worked great. Second batch of 14 every one of them had places where the hem frayed and came unrolled. Had to stitch them sell them - very labor intensive will not purchase again until Dharma can be more consistent in their quality.
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I love the feel! They take the color really well. I wish it was longer...and I really wish the edges didn't fray. I've ordered at least 3 doz and this last batch 5 of them frayed. I get to keep the 'cast offs" but I sure can't sell them. I want to buy more...but the risk is a bit too high :(
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I have dyes these scarves for two years. You cannot put them even in gentle or hand wash cycle in the washing machine. They must be hand washed. They take color beautifully but I do let them sit in the soda ash for 20 minutes. I have iced dyed them as well as used wax for a batik like effect. They have sold out at almost all my bazaars. However you must treat them delicately when washing. The ones that lost the hem in the machine when I first tried machine washing them I ripped off the hem and frayed all the edges and gave them to friends. I tried machine sewing them myself- too time consuming. Great fabric but hem is frustrating.
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Dyes beautifully but won't buy again- absolutely have to gently HAND WASH (washing machine's hand wash cycle is still too rough) and the quality is inconsistent. I bought 10 to experiment with of them 8 had hems that had significant unraveling and fraying 1 that had marginal unraveling and one that didn't unravel at all but you could see the thick white thread with which it was hemmed- it looked terrible. Fixing the hems is labor intensive and just not worth it.
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I bought these based on the other reviews but I could not disagree more strongly. These scarves are skimpy and no matter how well I washed them first they did not take dye well at all. They take forever to dye color is erratic and blotchy they take too much dye and they are not all that soft. I think they are too small also not substantial enough for a winter scarf. Wish I had not wasted the time or money on them.
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