Machine Hemmed 8mm Habotai Scarves

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21x76 Circle $10.83 10.18
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The days of hand rolled scarf hems may be numbered. The number of workers that have the skill and willingness to hand hem thousands of scarves is decreasing (They are getting older, and the young folks in China don't want to do it). And these days scarves can be hemmed faster and cleaner with machines.

So, we went and got a bunch of different styles of machine hemmed scarves and tested them out. As a market test, we decided to bring in the most popular style, 8mm habotai, in the most popular sizes. We encourage you silk painters and dyers to give them a try and let us know what you think. We believe this is the future, and we think you will agree. Not as quaint, but hopefully better. For now, if you still like hand hemmed, we still have them in all the fabrics and sizes!

Sewn with silk thread, of course.

Made in: CHINA (CN)

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I recently used these scarves for a class project and they were perfect. Excellent quality took the dyes very well and stood up to my class of overactive teenagers. I would highly recommend them.
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I have used them since you changed over from hand hemmed and frankly I like them better. They are easier to paint and my customers haven't even noticed a difference. Thanks
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These scarves are lovely. The sewn hem is very even and has nice straight stitching not a wobble to be seen. Check to make sure the hems are fully dyed as they do suck up the dye. The lustre of the fabric is wonderful and they took the dye great. Steam set and ironed and they have a lovely soft feel. I would definitely recommend these scarves.
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Lovely scarves they soaked up the dye beautifully! The secure hem made it easy to stretch on my frame. It was a bit difficult to iron though because the stitching tended to gather up the edges a bit. I solved this by ironing them while damp slightly stretching the hem as I went. After ironing they stayed nice and flat without any gathering or "wobble" to the long straight edges.
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I was excited to see the 21x76 circle scarf thinking these would make great infinity scarves which are so popular now. While they took the paint and dye fine they are just too bulky - too much material. My clients say they do not like that much scarf around their neck and chest area. Another lady who sells scarves where I do makes her own which are not as wide and she sells very well. If these were not so wide I would buy them right away. Please consider making them around 14x72.
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