Silk Triangular Shawl With Fringe

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44" x 44" x 62" plus 7" fringe
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Gorgeous 8mm Flat Crepe Triangular shawls with absolutely beautiful 100% silk fringe. Flat Crepe is like a cross between Crepe de Chine and Habotai. While it has the weight of Habotai, the flattened Crepe weave is much shinier. It drapes well and is an excellent surface for painting. The hems are hand sewn with silk thread in China. The fringe is difficult to make, hard to get, and not cheap. Very elegant!

On the shoulders it will make you look quite sophisticated, but these shawls are also perfect for wearing around the hips and great for dancers. Combine them with our Habotai (China) Silk Veils - available in both a very sheer 5mm and a slightly heavier weight 8mm.

We recommend (especially if you are re-selling) to pre-wash all silk in Hot water and Synthrapol or our Professional Textile Detergent before dyeing or painting to remove any leftover residue from the silk worms (Seracin) or finger prints and other stuff that can cause the fabric to dye unevenly. Our product Milsoft is excellent for restoring the soft hand to silk after dyeing.

Remember, items with fringe can't just be thrown in the washer! Hand wash with care. Some folks say they have great success by confining the fringe in some way, like with some long chain basting stitches.

Made in: CHINA (CN)

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Be sure to wrap the fringe before doing anything. I used plastic wrap and rubber bands. It held through all pre rinse dye and post rinse. Otherwise its finger comb a knotted mess!
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Just what I was looking for. Would love if these came in the burnout velvet patterns but this fringe was what I needed most. Dyes beautifully and the fringe just shines! Finger straighten it while it's wet to get it to dry without kinks. Worth the extra attention required.
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I would LOVE to see this in a much larger size (think piano shawl) with longer thicker fringe.
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Beautiful and a favorite with customers--however it is a more fragile silk than the 5mm veils (for comparison). Unfortunately I have found this means that when wearing around hips the silk is likely to show signs of stress fairly quickly due to the tighter tying and the stress from wrapping securely around hips--a definite downside when many of my customers are dancers.
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Nice silk flat crepe instead of plain habotai. Compared to what I am used to the fringe is too thin and also needs to be longer.
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