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Devore Instructions


1. Silk/Rayon Satin or Silk/Rayon Velvet
2. Fiber Etch
3. Stretcher Bars or frame with Push Pins
4. Foam Brush or Soft Bristle Brush
5. Book -- Fabric Ecthing By Iris Lee
6. Optional Stencils -- handmade or commercial
7. Heat Source -- Home Dryer or Iron

How To:

Before starting on this project remember the best results occur when you apply fiber etch, let dry, heat activate and rinse to remove the fibers all on the same day. If the fiber etch is left on the fabric for long periods it can deteriorate the fibers, especially the silk. A word of caution--be very gentle when you heat activate the etch gel. If you heat it too much the silk backing will burn and leave a hole. Its also hard to tell when its been heated enough, you must test it very carefully by scratching gently with your fingernail or by gently rubbing it between your hands loosening the fibers. If you encounter an area that doesn't easily rub off then iron that area again. Keep doing this wherever it doesn't rub off easily until you can see your design. Then and only then wash the "burned out" fibers out along with the gel since you cannot repeat the gel application. Expect a learning curve with this product. Test test test on practice silk/rayon velvet or devore satin samples before trying a scarf or a larger item.


The easiest way to apply a thin even layer of etch is to first stretch out the fabric on stretcher bars, then with a foam brush or soft bristle brush, apply the gel evenly over fabric.


Apply a thin layer of fiber etch freehand or use a stencil, either commercial one or handmade one. To make a handmade stencil, using freezer paper, cut out your design, iron shiny side of paper stencil onto right side of satin or velvet. It will stick to it so you can easily apply fiber etch. Spread gel by "scratching" or rubbing it into fabric to saturate area to be removed. Always brush on the fiber etch away from the edge of the stencil or you will push it under the stencil causing your design to smear. You can carefully remove stencil now or wait until dry. Blot any larger blobs of gel with a towel.


Dry with hairdryer or let dry naturally.


Place into home dryer on high to regular heat setting until fiber etch area is brittle and fibers easily come off. It may take one or two cycles and some newer dryers don't get hot enough to activate the gel thoroughly. If ironing, place fabric right side down on ironing board on wool or cotton setting (high), without steam, and using a press cloth on delicate fibers, run iron over etched area until you can scratch off the brittle fibers with your finger. Do not overheat when using iron, you can easily burn the remaining silk fibers and make a hole in the fabric.


Rinse fabric under cool running water while rubbing with your fingers, until the etched fibers come off. Do this gently so you don't tear the silk backing.


If any areas of fiber remain where you placed the fiber etch it means you missed an area or you didn't heat it long enough or hot enough. Unfortunately the etch is too hard on the silk backing to be able to repeat an application so be sure you have heat activated it thoroughly and evenly before rinsing out gel.


When piece has been washed and dried you can dye it with procion mx dyes using either the tub dyeing method or paint it using the cold batch method.

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