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Dharma's Guide to Picking The Right T-Shirt

A good T-shirt is like an old friend and we can help you pick the right one. We only carry brands we believe to be reliable. There's a lot of T's brands that make lousy friends!

  • First, decide between PFD (Prepared for dyeing) Or Regular. The PFD shirts are not treated with optical whiteners so they take dye better and are not pure white, they’re sewn with cotton thread, preshrunk and cut larger. The regular shirts dye just fine, are very white, sewn with poly thread (doesn’t dye), and cut normally and are preshrunk to reduce shrinkage. If you plan to dye the entire shirt, as in garment dyeing and batik, buy PFD. If you tie-dye, stamp, marble, etc. then buy either one.
  • Second, decide on the weight (thickness) you want. 5.4 oz. (per sq yd. of fabric) is kind of the standard weight of T’s. Heavier weights are more luxurious and look better after repeated washings. Lighter weights are less expensive.
  • Lastly, look at the info and prices for the shirt types you want and decide which works for you. Still not sure? Call us and ask. Finally, buy lots of them. You can't have too many friends.

If you want to see more about our t-shirt sizing, check out our sizing information page.

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