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Primaries: Bright Yellow, Magenta, Turquoise, Black


ON SILK AND COTTON (or other natural fibers):

To use this dye, you would normally dilute the concentrated dye with chemical water (also use water softener if you have hard water) to the strength of color you desire. To make chemical water, dissolve 3/4 cup of Urea in 1 quart of hot water. Some folks also use 2 tsp Ludigol (a mild oxidizing agent that helps prevent dyes from decomposing during steaming when deep shades are required on silk), and 1 tsp. Water Softener (if you have hard water). This will keep indefinitely at room temperature. If thickening is desired, (as with screen printing) use Sodium Alginate. Sprinkle 1/2 to 1-1/2 teaspoons into chemical water, depending on thickness desired, then stir constantly until smooth. Let the mixture stand for up to 1 hour to thicken. You can store this mixture refrigerated for about 3 weeks.

Or, instead of making your own chemical water, use our Print Base Kit to which you just add water, and a tablespoon of baking soda if necessary (**see below). Please note, the Print Base kits do contain Sodium Alginate, which thickens the solution for printing and painting applications.

To dilute the dye, use 2 parts chemical water to 1 part concentrate for very deep shades, 10 to 1 for medium shades. Most folks also add baking soda to the mix at this point**(see below). Paint, print or apply to fabric. To fix, let the fabric dry thoroughly, then steam in a steamer 30-45 minutes for silk, longer for thicker fabrics (up to an hour). Some folks have even experimented with microwaving as an alternative to steaming, for small pieces, especially with tie-dye or scrunch dye effects. Rinse under running tepid water until the water runs clear, and then wash in hot water and Kieralon or our Professional Textile Detergent.

**Sometimes when steaming, the fabric does not get hot enough, or isn’t steamed for long enough, causing less dye to fix to the fabric and wash out. In this case, adding baking soda to your chemical water, 1 Tablespoon per quart of chemical water, can aid in fixing the dye, giving deeper shades of color. Add the baking soda at the same time you dilute your dye with the chemical water. We think the dye does better on cotton and other cellulose fibers with the baking soda. On wool, Jacquard recommends no baking soda. Wool does not like alkalinity.

Some folks have said they dilute the dyes with just water. Depending on the circumstances, we feel the dyes are not going to reach their full potential, but you will get color. It is up to you.

ON COTTON (or Rayon, other cellulose fibers):

If you don't want to steam, or can't, you can use Soda Ash Fixer as a direct substitute for the baking soda in the chemical water instructions above and cure the fabric damp just like you do the powdered Fiber Reactive dyes - 12-24 hours. Rinse and wash out as above. We don't think Vinyl Sulphon dyes come out as brilliantly on cotton as powered Fiber Reactive Procion MX dyes, but it is a great alternative for folks who can't or don't want to work with powders.


Follow any of the instructions above. The advantage of Vinyl Sulphon dyes on these types of protein/cellulose fabric blends is that it will dye both types of fibers the same color, which is not always the case with Fiber Reactive MX dyes. Acid dye will only dye the silk and barely stain the Rayon.

Storing dye stock solutions

Dye and chemical water (leave out the alginate thickener and baking soda for longest storage!) can be stored in a cool, dark place for up to a few months. Thickened chemical water, or dye solution can last for about 3-4 weeks if stored in a cold, dry location.

Color Mixing Guidelines

All the Jacquard Vinyl Sulphon Dye colors can be mixed together to create other colors and shades. In order to reproduce exact colors, careful notes need to be kept on precise amounts used. We encourage you to take the time to test sample color mixtures before starting a large-scale project so you can gain a better understanding of how the colors react when mixed together.

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