Silkpaint Air Pen Instructions

General Information about the Air Pen®

Draw long flowing lines and fine details without squeeze bottles or brushes. Draw fine lines with thick mediums. The SilkPaint Air Pen® prevents hand fatigue and is ideal for arthritic hands and those with carpal tunnel syndrome.

The SilkPaint Air Pen comes fully equipped with all accessories and is built for years of trouble-free use. Accessories: Interchangeable applicator tips of assorted sizes for thick to thin lines, a 110-volt diaphragm air pump to provide the required air pressure through the 6-foot air line, six Quick-Change™ Cartridge Assemblies, convenient cartridge holder and air pump rest, cleaning plungers and storage caps for each cartridge. The Air Pen® housing features a patented venturi system for precise control of flow and drip-free operation. Air bubbles, skips and blobs are eliminated.

To use the Air Pen®

  1. Remove small red storage cap and twist on a tip.
  2. Grip cartridge by Quick-Change™ seal and twist to remove from pen body. Fill cartridge about half full (to a maximum of 3/4" from the top) and insert foam plug into end of cartridge. Grip cartridge at seal and twist into pen body for a friction fit. Pen is now ready to use and must be held with tip pointing down, so foam plug does not absorb liquid from cartridge. When not in use, place pen in a coffee cup containing a slightly damp paper towel or tissue, with AirPen tip pointed down.
  3. To begin, lightly cover the entire area of the beveled hole with the tip of your forefinger for contents to flow; lift finger to stop the flow. Varying fingertip pressure over the hole will increase/decrease flow, or use another size tip for wider or narrower lines.

To Clean the Air Pen®

  1. Unplug electric cord.
  2. Twist cartridge from pen body, remove foam plug, and twist off tip. Use plunger to empty cartridge. (Tip: a bit of glycerin — or water — will enable plunger to slide easily through cartridge For best results, store plunger in the cleaned cartridge).
  3. Replace tip and force water through tip with plunger (or immediately place tip in water or appropriate solvent before cleaning).
  4. Clean foam plug.

***Important Tips***

  • Always point the pen tip down to ensure that the foam plug does not absorb contents in cartridge, since air must be able to pass through foam plug.
  • Clean the pen and the foam plug thoroughly after each use. Liquid medium (not solvent based) may be temporarily stored in cartridge. Twist off tip (clean thoroughly) and replace with rubber storage cap. Remove and clean the foam plug and replace with the black plastic plug.
  • Never soak or submerge electric air pump in water.
  • To change tip on a cartridge: first remove cartridge from dispense, twist off tip, twist on new tip.
  • Always ensure that tip and foam plug are clean for best operation.
  • Liquid used in pen must be pourable and self-leveling.


Use the Air Pen® for: craft paints, glues, acrylics, enamels, oil paints, icings and sugar art, latex, automotive paints, sealants, ceramic glazes, clay slip, underglazes, overglazes, china paint, assembly fluids, model paints, liquid leading, liquid polymer clay, ink, nail polish, adhesives, henna designs, eggery.

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