ArtFelt Papers

ArtFelt Papers
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ArtFelt is a new felting technique that combines certain aspects of needle felting, wet felting, and fulling with a new patented paper developed to ease and speed up the felting process. ArtFelt allows you to felt incredibly simple or complex pieces with minimal space and effort. It allows you to create a felted material that can be thick or thin, precise or abstract, and it can all be accomplished with little to no experience and in a short amount of time.

There are four basic steps to the ArtFelt process. The first step is to design your project and cut your paper to the appropriate size. The second step is to create that design by attaching roving to the paper. The third step is to felt the piece, and the fourth step is to dissolve the paper.

Check out the informational videos at the top of the page or click the link below for some instructions, tips, tricks and hints on ways to use ArtFelt papers!

ArtFelt Instructions, FAQ and Helpful Hints


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4 star rating
I've just tested the ArtFelt and it works as promised. Takes significantly less upper body strength than traditional wet felting.
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