Deluxe Rubber Respirator

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Deluxe Rubber Respirator
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Deluxe Rubber Respirator - Filters $21.25
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If you frequently work with powdered and/or mist dyes, you should definitely be wearing protection. This respirator, officially known as the 'Moldex 8000 Series Assembled Respirator', is very comfortable and built to last. With replaceable P100 Particulate Filters (approved by NIOSH) and an easy fit, this respirator is a great way to put safety first, especially if you are in production and dye or use other arts and crafts chemicals on an ongoing basis. The basic respirator and filters protect against dust and mists (but not gases and vapors).

In addition to the basic respirator with P100 Particulate Filters, for even more protection, we also offer a NIOSH approved Multi Gas/Vapor Smart Cartridge filter set. These are recommended if you use bleach, Discharge Paste, Thiorea Dioxide, or Bleach Stop along with various other chemicals that have strong vapors, except perhaps alcohol - we haven't found a mask yet that completely eliminates the smell of alcohol for those who are sensitive. Also remember that in conjunction with these great masks, you should always work in a well ventilated area!

We also carry Piggyback Adaptors (Moldex #8920) which are used to attach the P100 Particulate Filter Disks on top of the Multi Gas/Vapor Smart Cartridges for even more protection.

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8000 Series Respirator Facepiece (comes with P100 Particulate Filters) (Moldex #8942)

Your face never had it so comfortable - The 8000 Series Respirator conforms to the contours of your face. It seals comfortably and remains sealed, even while talking. Plus, the seal is extra-wide, so it fits more facial types.

With each cartridge change you get a new inhalation valve - No inhalation valves to stock. No installation. Less maintenance, less parts. And the cartridges snap-in, which eliminates misthreading.

Low maintenance - No gaskets, no yoke. There's less to worry about.

Lightweight - Whether you use gas/vapor cartridges or disks/filters, the 8000 weighs less. Plus, the weight is distributed evenly, without pressure points.

A better view - The low profile provides a larger field of vision than any other respirator and makes it easier to wear safety eyewear. Plus straps don't dangle in front of the worker's eyes.


  • 100% PVC-Free.
  • Soft, durable facepiece.
  • Extra-wide sealing surface.
  • Seals comfortably to face.
  • Exhalation valve positioned for better communication.
  • Low profile for wide field of vision.
  • Cartridges have a snap-in mount for easy replacement.
  • New inhalation valve on each cartridge.
  • Fewer replacement parts.
  • Living hinge allows head harness to be folded comfortably around neck when not in use.


P100 Particulate Filter Disks (Moldex #8940)

NIOSH certified - All Moldex® Particulate Filters are NIOSH certified. The 8940 P100 Particulate Filter has an efficiency level of 99.97% or greater against both oil & non-oil based particulate aerosols.

Dual applications - Use the P100 Particulate Filter Disk for standalone particulate filter applications. Or use in combination with any 8000 Series Gas/Vapor Cartridge. Use the 8920 Piggyback Adapter with the 8940 P100 Particulate Filter Disk.

Suitable for welding - The P100 Particulate Filters are also suitable for most welding applications.

Applications - For contaminants falling under an OSHA substance specific standard requiring a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. These substances include asbestos, lead, inorganic arsenic and cadmium. Outside of the USA, check with all applicable and local government regulations. Also for use in environments where oil-based particulates are present.


  • 100% PVC-Free.
  • P100 Particulate Filter Disk is lighter than traditional Filter Cartridge.
  • Piggyback P100 with Moldex® 8000 gas/vapor cartridges or use standalone filter.
  • P100 can be used for both oil and non-oil based particulates.
  • Use P100 Particulate Filters as a prefilter or as a standalone particulate filter.
  • Wider field of vision because of low profile.
  • Fiberglass-free filters.
  • No plastic casing to throw away.


Multi Gas/Vapor Smart Cartridge Filter (Moldex #8600)

NIOSH Approved for - Organic Vapors, Ammonia, Methylamine, Chlorine, Hydrogen Chloride, Sulfur Dioxide, Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrogen Fluoride, Formaldehyde, Hydrogen Sulfide (escape only).

Smartest cartridge in the class - Each Smart® Cartridge comes with a built-in inhalation valve, plus an easy snap-in mount. Use with N95 or P100 particulate filters against even more combinations of contaminants. Smartest of all is the 8000 Series Respirator - a soft, yet durable, facepiece with lighter weight, a lower profile, and extra comfort.

Applications - Degreasing, forging, foundries, heat treating operations, paper making, rendering, rubber manufacturing, manufacture and use of adhesives, dry cleaning, pesticide or fumigant manufacture and application, treatment of timber and wood products, manufacture and use of inks, printing, manufacture of cosmetic preparations, perfumes and pharmaceuticals, flour bleaching, agriculture, tobacco industry, mining, trucking, manufacture of roofing and asphalt products, petrochemical plants. Aluminum processing, electroplating, lime kilns, rayon textile plants, etching and polishing of glass, chemical processing, manufacture of paints and dyes, soap making, timber preserving, laboratories, uranium enrichment, coal-fired utilities, fluorocarbon and fluoride production, ceramics and cement work, fertilizer manufacture, preserving food and wine, fiberglass manufacture, treatment of leather hides, petroleum distillation, pulp and paper manufacture, foundries, and smelters. Manufacture of fertilizer, textiles, paper or rubber, synthesis of nitric acid, synthetic resins, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, extraction of metal ores,treatment of scrap metal, petroleum refining, photographic chemicals, blueprinting, electroplating, production of dyes. Synthesis of formaldehyde resins, chelating agents and dyes, textile manufacturing, tanning operations, manufacture of particle board, plywood, sandpaper, grinding wheels, embalming.


  • 100% PVC-Free.
  • Multi-gas/vapor Smart® cartridge simplifies inventory.
  • Approved for ten common gas/vapors.
  • Cartridge selection made simpler and misuse reduced.
  • Replaces up to five gas/vapor cartridges.
  • For use against multi hazards in the same workplace.
  • Use with #8940 P100 filters against particulates.

Dispose all filters and gas/vapor filters after 30 uses or by the “use by” expiration date printed on box. Whichever comes first. *Pro tip: Mark the bag after each use to help keep track of how many times you've used it. That'll take the guesswork out of when you should replace the filters.


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5 star rating
I love my mask! I have mild asthma and when I mix dyes wearing just a dust mask my asthma was triggered. Wearing this mask I have no problems at all! It even came to my rescue when my area had terrible wildfires with awful smoke and ash. I wore the mask during evacuation and then again when cleaning up our house after the fires. Thanks!
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13 of 14 users found this review helpful.

4 star rating
Comfortable but a bit awkward with glasses. Took a bit of adjusting.
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5 of 6 users found this review helpful.

5 star rating
Very comfortable and addresses all my safety concerns.
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3 of 4 users found this review helpful.

5 star rating
Easy to use. Necessary.
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2 star rating
It has some nice features but the bottom ridge of the mask is hard and hits my neck when I put my head down making it uncomfortable for me to wear. Unfortunately it is un-returnable so I'd think about whether or not it will fit you before ordering.
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