Emulsion on Mesh Sheets 8.5"x11" - 4 pk.

Make custom stencils!

by SmallDogPrints

Emulsion on Mesh Sheets 8.5"x11" - 4 pk.
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Emulsion on Mesh Sheets 8.5"x11" - 4 pk. $54.49
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Color Chip / Item image8.5" x 11" - 4 pk.
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Expose with bulbs

Expose with the sun

Expose with YUDU machine

Screen printing and cleaning

How to Print Ceramics

SmallDogPrints 4 pk Emulsion on Mesh Sheets, DIY Screen Printing Stencils YUDU style

(8.5" x 11"/each)
Expose with either the SUN, a YUDU, a CFL BULB(see specifics), etc. 
Screen print any time you want - day or night! 

Quickly make HIGH RESOLUTION screen stencils that can be used to print with over & over again!
Customers have stated they now 'Spend more time PRINTING with screens, not MAKING them!'

To make a custom screen stencil, expose our Emulsion on Mesh Sheets 'film' with any of the following light sources:
on a Sunny Day between 10 am - 2 pm (30-60 second exposure). Must be sunny enough to see your shadow.
or a YUDU machine (4 min. exposure).
or a DAYLIGHT CFL bulb 23W/100W equivalent, 1600 lumen, 6500 K (15 min exposure with bulb at 12" distance).
or our inexpensive DIY Light Kit (15 min. exposure with bulb at 12" distance). Light Kit stand easily folds away for storage.

*Customers have also stated that other light sources, exposure times and distances have worked but too many
variables exist for us to exhaust all combinations. Therefore, trial and error may be in order for any alternative light source.

Our emulsion comes ALREADY APPLIED to a hi resolution mesh. 
Our mesh is better than the standard 110 tpi (threads per inch) & will therefore provide EXTREMELY fine detail when printing.
Able to print fine lines and serifs. Print with standard fabric ink, metallic ink, thickened underglaze, etc! 

Sheets ship flat in a light protective baggie.
Each sheet measures 8.5" x 11".  
For smaller sizes, simply cut sheets before exposure in a dark room. 
Yellow safe light bulbs can be used to see & will not expose film.

The detail you can achieve with SmallDogPrints' sheets is amazing...
You’ll kick yourself for not trying these sooner.

Print at home, school or the office! 
It's fun, fast, low cost & best of all, has very little mess. 

*Made for artists, hobbyists, and small businesses. 
*Multiple packs ordered will be shipped together.
*Best if used within 12 months of purchase
*Store FLAT in a dark, dry, cool place (about 60° - 75°F). Do NOT refrigerate.
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(4) 8.5” x 11” - Emulsion on Mesh Sheets (always High Resolution)
(2) 2” x 4” - Test Strips
Detailed Written Instructions
Video Instructions & Inspiration Slideshow at: www.smalldogprints.com
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Screen Print t-shirts for clubs & groups.
Screen Print personalized notecards, wooden signs and tissue paper for weddings.
Screen Print ceramics, trays, totes & pillows.
Screen Print your small business logo onto a variety of items like we do!
SmallDogPrints uses our own screen stencils to print SmallDogPrints' envelopes, bags and packaging…check it out!



--Welcome to SmallDogPrints--
  UNLEASH your imagination
   and mark YOUR territory!


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5 star rating
Pretty cool! I made a stencil of our sons fav cartoon (Gravity Falls tree) and printed it on a shirt for him. Now thats all hell wear! Has given me ideas for printing lots of things including some birthday gifts:)
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