Flat Sinew

About 1/8 inches wide

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Flat Sinew 60 ft spool $2.99
Flat Sinew 900 ft roll $13.95
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Flat Sinew - 60 ft spool
We've changed suppliers. Please check out # FSW
Flat Sinew - 900 ft roll
We've changed suppliers. Please check out # FSW
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Unfortunately, we had to change suppliers. We have found a similar replacement (in White) that is made here in the US and can be found here.

Flat Sinew is a flat, waxed polyester thread that is waterproof, rot proof, resistant to stretch, and extremely strong. It has a very high tensile strength for it’s size, it doesn't stretch when wet like string does, and because of the wax you can tie things up very tight. This makes Flat Sinew a great alternative to rubber bands for Tie-dye. The 70 pound flat sinew can be separated into five smaller threads simply by pulling the ends apart. Sinew strands can be hand braided or woven together. Flat sinew is featured in our popular Tie Dye 101 DVD series for ease of use and the ability to tie clear and/or complex patterns. It comes in 60 or 900 ft lengths. It is also excellent for use with delicate fabrics which can be damaged by rubber bands. Plus, Flat Sinew won't get old, dry and brittle like rubber bands will over time. If you notice some yellowish residue don't worry, it's not permanent, just give it a good wash with some Synthrapol and that should do the trick.

Color of sinew may vary from shipment to shipment. 

Made in: INDIA (IN)

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I used rubber bands for years doing tie-dye but I find that I prefer the tension control that the sinew gives.For real tight ties I wrap the sinew around the body of my washable marker and pull. It's better than cutting your finger.
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There are ties you can make with sinew that are nearly impossible with rubber bands. It's a bit tough to work with at first but it gets a lot easier with practice. I use both sinew and rubber bands each for different situations.
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This is fun to use and works much better than rubber-bands when you are trying to tie something large. I use plastic to wrap my tie dye up with to let it set and this does turn the plastic yellowish were it is in contact with the flat swine but I have not had any problems with it changing the color of the clothing yellow.
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I finally broke down and bought this product for shibori dyeing and I'm so glad I did. It never breaks! I split it into 4 strands for sewing cotton and 6 strands for silk and those don't break either. I use a thin basting or quilting needle 3-4" long you can stitch very quickly that way. If you tie a "granny knot" the second tie will tighten up the gathers nicely but tie it one more time or it can loosen the gathers. Reusable after dyeing and it does take the dye so the stitches are easy to find and cut.
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I LOVED this product its great when you are using it to wrap your fabric around a pvc pipe and immersion dye. creates some awesome effects.
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