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Moldable Foam Stamps - Pack of Ten Shapes $8.95
Moldable Foam Stamps - Pack of 3 8"x10" Sheets $8.95
Moldable Foam Blocks - Pack of 10 - 2.75" X 3.75" X 1" $8.95
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Pack of Ten Shapes
Pack of 3 - 8"x10" Sheets
Pack of 10 Blocks - 2.75" X 3.75" X 1
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Heat this foam with a heat gun, press on a textured object, like a leaf or twig, and the image will be "engraved" and is ready to use as a stamp. Will hold the image until reheated. Use over and over. Also can be "engraved" with a pencil by just drawing on it.Use with fabric markers, ink pads and paint pads.



Stamping - Moldable Foam Stamp Instructions

1. Heat foam block with a heat gun or hair dryer in a constant motion all over area (300F to 400F) for about 30 seconds.
2. Press the foam block quickly against any textured surface. Hold in down firmly for about 15-20 seconds.
3. Ink your foam stamp now with any water based inks or markers.
4. Stamp your inked foam stamp onto the item you wish to stamp. Apply even pressure on the stamp.
5. Reheat. You can wash your stamp with water and a little bit of soap. The stamp holds its impression until your heat it up again!
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I made 10 attempts to use the blocks by pressing objects. Only one was satisfactory. On the other hand scoring with a pencil gives good results and so does inking then removing some paint with a Q-tip for instance. I will definitely buy more of these thick blue rectangular blocks.
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It is very useful to have a woodblock of the same size on top of the foam block when you are making the impression. It makes the imprint more even.
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The rectangl large foam stamps are great. Don't care for the shaped ones in the photo. They are too thin to grip easily.
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these are easy to use and get an amazing amount of detail. You do have to get them very hot so not for children unless there is close adult supervision.
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This is a great product! It gives you the ability to take any pattern or impression and turn it into a stamp. These stamps infinitely expand your creative options. This is one of my favorite craft products!
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