Ninja Portable Spin Dryer

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Ninja Portable Spin Dryer
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Meet the next generation of spin dryers!

Customers who dye stuff and have lots of washing machine loads are really finding these things handy! These machines are great for batches of hand washables, like silk and rayon scarves or yardage. Can be used to "easy mode" some felting techniques. And for everyone else, who doesn't want to save money?!

The Spin Dryer removes most of the water that your washing machine doesn't, so substantially lowers the time in the dryer. For those delicate items, you can get almost all of the water out before line or flat drying - without tangling or wear and tear. Silk scarves look best if ironed slightly damp, but they are too wet right out of a washer or bucket.

Another great use - spins the extra soda ash water out of your tie-dyes before you dye 'em. That way they actually absorb more dye. Better than a whole bunch of hand wringing, that's for sure. Just be sure and rinse it out after this kind of use.

The new NINJA! (sorry, I just like saying that loudly) comes equipped with built-in side handles that make transport easier (and more stealthy).

It's the only spin dryer with a real suspension system.
This spin dryer is crazy-quiet! Anechoic chamber quiet!
...okay, maybe not THAT quiet. That really would be crazy. BUT!, on top of making it wildly silent, this hot suspension system does dampen that tell-tale, unbalanced "THUD-THUD-THUD!" - something no other spin dryer on the market does. Now, the suspension is fan-freaking-tastic, but it can't fix bad load choices. You will still have to even out that load so that it's not completely lop-sided. We're not quite at the AI spin dryer technology yet. ...Yet.



  • Works in just 3 minutes
  • 22 lb capacity - largest capacity spin dryer on the market!
  • 3200 rpm spin speed - gets out WAY more water than the spin cycle on a washing machine!
  • Portable, only weighs 19.7 lbs
  • Compact size only 13" x 13" x 24"
  • Large 9" x 14" inner tub
  • Stainless steel drum made of high quality steel and a triple weld (simpler welds can fail over time with high RPM spin dryers)
  • Much gentler on clothes than a conventional tumble dryer; Fantastic for hand washables - No tangling or fraying!
  • Removes mineral deposits and detergents, rather than baking them on
  • Can be used as a standalone dryer before line drying, block drying or ironing, or with a tumble dryer to get out the last bit of water
  • If used with a conventional tumble dryer, drying time and energy costs are reduced as well as prolonging the life of your dryer and clothing
  • No special dryer hookup required, can use in many places conventional dryers can't be used. Connects to any 110V outlet
  • Three Year warranty from the manufacturer, provided they are not used for commercial applications
  • Please note that this is a "spin dryer" which works like the spin cycle on your washing machine only better! It is not the same as a standard clothes dryer. It does not use heat.


More info:

  • Drain spout (see image above) Put a bowl, pan or other type of receptacle underneath the drain spout to catch the water that's removed from your laundry.
  • You may see a round pink part underneath the machine keeping the machine from standing up straight; this is part of the packaging and meant to securely fasten the motor in place during shipping. Remove the part before using the machine.


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When the order has been placed it may take a couple of days for the supplier to get products ready for shipping. Please call with any questions if you have a strict time frame that you are working with or deadlines to meet.



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5 star rating
Easy to use and light enough for me to carry around and put into the slop sink to use. I do wish it had a way to attach a hose or something for draining the water but not a huge deal. I've only had it a few weeks but I LOVE IT SO MUCH. It gets my yarn dry enough to finish drying in 24 hours in all but the dampest weather!
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5 star rating
Been useing my spin dryer for a month now. It is saving my hands. I dont have to wring out the clothes as much.
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9 of 10 users found this review helpful.

5 star rating
I bought mine a few years ago and it has been a game changer! I love it! I use it almost every day and it is still going strong. I use it to wring out the soda ash before tie dying. I also use it to wring out the dyed project before rinsing and in between rinses. I use an ice cream bucket to collect the water that comes out. I would definitely buy another if this one died.
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6 of 7 users found this review helpful.

5 star rating
Have had this dryer for several years now and it is GREAT. Saves me from using my washing machine to spin out the soda ash from my tie dye clothing articles which allows me to reuse the soda ash solution. I put a low profile pan under the waterspout to catch the run off. DO need to occas repack as it will not spin properly if the load is unbalanced. Overall I love this thing and hope it does not break down anytime soon!
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3 star rating
It can be tricky to pack correctly so that it's balanced. Usually I get it in about 2 tries and give up after 3. If I can get it going it works great.
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4 of 6 users found this review helpful.

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