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Original Felting Stone
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There are many famous stones throughout history, the Blarney Stone, the Destiny Stone, the Sorcerer's Stone, the Rolling Stones and now we have the most awesome stones of all, the Felting Stones!  Ok, so these stones are technically not magic nor do they make you immortal or get you a date with Steven Tyler but they will make your felting so much better it is almost as good.

These handmade and glazed stones are a must have tool for wet felting and Nuno Felting. The textured glazed side acts like a small washboard in your hand allowing you to quickly work specific areas of your project in a way that bubble wrap or a large washboard just cant. It fits perfectly in your palm and we think it would also make a great back massage to work out those tired shoulders after a day of felt making.

Felting Stone are glazed on the rubbing side and unglazed on the back.

3.5" x 2 3/8" x 5/8"


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A nice idea but there are a few problems with the execution. It's a piece of fired glazed clay and the one I got had a few irregularities which you would expect with something like this. In a pot or something that doesn't matter but the little bumps and burrs along the edges snag like crazy on tulle when you're doing nuno felting and sometimes even on the silk itself.Also if you are even a little bit clutsy or tend to drop things that are slippery with soapy water or have small children the tool doesn't last long. It shatters VERY easily with the slightest impact.
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I like using this for wet felting. I have a hand injury which makes felting with this stone easier on my hand. I borrowed one of these in the past which is what made me want to purchase my own.
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Fantastic to aid in initial felting. It's smooth surface glides over wool fiber compressing rather than snagging. Saves some wear and tear on the hands. Love it!
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I love this tool. It has now played a huge role in my felting. I use it to help felt after I have laid out my wool on silk and then laying out tulle. I wet it out then use this to help push out the water and it helps felt esp. difficult areas
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Very nice tool to straiten up edges a finished piece.
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