Professional Touch Hot Fix Applicator

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Sorry, these have been discontinued.
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The manufacturer is revamping this product and with all good things, we must wait. And, wait we will... But in the meantime we've brought in a replacement that will help you feel better about waiting and for the price, you can't say no. So say YES! here!

This handy tool applies a variety of sizes and shapes of hot-fix Crystal Rhinestones, Rhinestuds & Nailheads individually in seconds to almost any surface including paper, ceramic, fabric and wax. Great for putting them on as accents, or within a stencil to make a design, one at a time. This is the best one we've researched. Pick up, heat, apply!

  • World's most advanced hand held hot-fix applicator
  • 8 Interchangeable tips, (2,3,4,5,6,& 7mm crystal, and 4 and 9mm flat)
  • Designed by Licensed Physical Therapists to minimize fatigue
  • Comfortable and truly Ergonomically Correct
  • Integrated lit On/Off switch for safety -- no more plugging & unplugging
  • Properly balanced -- no need for a support stand
  • Improved rubber grip -- will not roll or slide
  • All metal parts do get hot - hold onto the handle only!

Please note that this is a standard U.S. plug. You will need an adapter if overseas.
Children should use the Professional Touch ONLY WITH ADULT SUPERVISION!

Made in: TAIWAN (TW)

Sorry, these have been discontinued.

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This hot-fix applicator certainly does work -- it gets hot melts the glue on the stone and allows you to place the stone where you want it. But it could use some kind of a holder for when you want to set it down and it's sometimes hard to pick up the stone you want with the wand. You will get the results you want but you may have a few frustrations along the way.
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This one worked well sometimes the crystal will get stuck if to much pressure is used - but I kept a pin on hand to help ease it out. I really like that it comes with so many different crystal heads.
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Very user-friendly for amateurs like me.
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Once I discovered it had an onoff button it was great! Perfect for the here-and-there hot fix embellishments I like to add to my creations.
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Clip a binder clip- easy to find at an office supply store- to the handle for a convenient off worksurface resting place. Works with mini-iron too.
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