Reusable Zip Ties

Reusable Zip Ties
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Now watch me zip! Watch me nae nae.

Zip ties? What do zip ties have to do with dyeing? Well, how does never using another rubber band again grab you? Reusable Zip Ties are designed to be reused, making them practical for tie-dye, shibori, submersion, or any other technique that involves holding bunched fabric together. Tightly. These heavy duty cable ties are made to be tough and flexible so they can be used again and again without breaking.

And of course, we all know zip ties are as handy as duct tape and WD40. Well REUSABLE Zip Ties are EVEN HANDIER!

Reusable ties last longer and are more environmentally responsible - you won't be cutting and tossing all those plastic ties or rubber bands! They are also easier on your hands than putting hundreds of rubber bands on your tie-dyes if you're doing large amounts. They are made with a durable plastic that is non-corrosive, has 50 pounds of tensile strength and has been smooth-molded with no sharp edges. String 'em together if you need a longer length. Easy to ratchet down tight. We could go on and on...

Easy to use, the release button is part of the head ratchet and all you have to do is press the handle down and that will release the ratchet from the tie. They hold up really well, even up to boiling, so they should be fine for even hot water dye baths. They do tend to take the new shape that they are in when they are heated, so while they look weird afterward, it does not affect their ability to hold the fabric tightly. They are good for multiple rounds, even after hot dye baths..

- 50 lbs strength
- 11.75 inches in length

Reusable Zip Tie uses:

Binding fabric for tie dyeing, immersion dyeing and shibori
Organizing art tools like paintbrushes, markers, etc.
Keeping bolts of fabric from unspooling
Bundling electronic cables and chords
Tagging suitcases, clothing, belongings, etc.
Keeping plants upright
Securing Christmas lights and home decor
Securing bouquets and flower arrangements
Binding objects together, such as milk crates,
keys, measuring spoons, etc.
Repairing chains (light-duty only)
Securing sports equipment to roof racks
Keeping pant legs out of the spokes of bicycle tires
Attaching gear to backpacks
In place of heavy-duty rubber bands
Securing tarps to keep off the rain

We could go on and on - use your imagination!



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