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In case you don't know, there is a method of screen printing called 'The Drawing Fluid Method'; draw a design right on your screen with Drawing Fluid (#DF8), then cover the rest of the screen with Screen Filler (#SFL). After drying, you wash out the drawing fluid and there is your screen design ready for printing.

Until now, it was very difficult to reclaim that screen for use with another design, as the Screen Filler is very hard to remove.

No longer! Speed Clean is specifically designed to remove screen filler. Just pour it on, scrub it gently with a brush, and there you have it. Speed clean will also remove dried ink and more. It's how dirty screens get clean.


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II works but you do not see any results when you put it on the screen and scrub it is when you wash with a strong and very hot jet of water that you see the filler wash away: You might have to start more times for heavier filler coated parts but I finnaly cleaned completly a 170m by 120 m huge screen.
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I tried to clean my screen without this and it took forwever. This makes it soooo much easier. You may have to apply and let it sit but it will do the job.
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I had to really scrub but the screen filler finally was washed off.
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Using this really speeds up my turnaround time when I'm cleaning my screens. Since I only screenprint occasionally I don't have tons of blank screens. This cleaner lets me change them out faster!
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not as good at cleaning photo emulsion off screens as the actual photo emulsion cleaner
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