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This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
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This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. For a similar item see the Nina Spin dryer.

Save energy! Save money! Ok, so we know this was a rather weird thing for us to add to our line. But we were very impressed! Customers who dye stuff and have lots of washing machine loads might really be able to use this! Useful for normal laundry too. Who doesn't want to save money?! One of our customers also recommended it for batches of hand washables, like silk & rayon scarves, and yardage. Another customer was using it somehow for felting.

The energy saving part is that you run your clothes through this Spin Dryer before the regular dryer to remove most of the water and substantially lower (by 30 minutes or more) the time and energy cost of your normal dry cycle. For delicate items, you can get almost all the water out before line or flat drying, without tangling or wear and tear. Silk scarves look best if ironed while slightly damp, but they are too wet right out of the washer or bucket. We have a great price, so give it a try!


  • Works in just 2-3 minutes
  • 13.8 lb capacity for wet laundry, 5.5 lb capacity for dry laundry
  • 3200 rpm spin speed - gets out WAY more water than the spin cycle on a washing machine! Almost all of it.
  • Portable, only weighs 22 lbs
  • Compact, only 13.7" x 13.7" x 24" (lwh)
  • Much gentler on clothes than a conventional tumble dryer; Fantastic for hand washables! No tangling or fraying!
  • Removes mineral deposits and detergents, rather than baking them on
  • Can be used as a standalone dryer before line drying, block drying or ironing, or with a tumble dryer to get out the last bit of water
  • If used with a conventional tumble dryer, cuts drying time by 30 minutes or more, significantly reducing energy costs and prolonging the life of your dryer and clothing
  • Connects to any 110V outlet, no installation required.
  • Only uses 300 watts, very energy efficient
  • Two Year warranty from the manufacturer
  • Please note that this is a "spin dryer" which is not the same as a standard clothes dryer. It does not use heat.

More info:

  • NOTE: As of 3/2011 the Spin Dryer now comes with a clear plastic lid so you can see inside while it works. (see the first image above)
  • Spin Dryer drain spout. (see image above)
    You put a bowl, pan or other type of receptacle underneath the drain spout to catch the water that comes out of the drain spout. You can also see a metal bar underneath the machine, this is to securely fasten the motor so it isn't damaged in shipping. You remove the metal bar before using the machine.
  • Spin Dryer safety lid. (see image above)
    The safety lid is put on top of the clothes inside the
    drum before you start the machine. It prevents items, especially smaller ones like socks, from exiting the drum and potentially damaging the machine.
  • Spin Dryer lever position. (see images above)
    You turn on the machine by turning the lever to the right and up. You turn off the machine by turning the lever to the left and down. The lever also acts as a safety mechanism; it doesn't allow you to lift the lid when the drum is still spinning. It also activates the brake when turned to the "off" position.

Please Note: This is a Drop Ship item. We will place your order right away in accordance with the time lines of our Ordering policy. However, please be aware that the manufacturer may not be able to hold to the same rigorous standards due to a number of reasons - which may include time zone differences, an overflow of unexpected orders or just plain bad luck with employee health.
When the order has been placed it may take a week or longer for the supplier to get products ready for shipping. Please call with any questions if you have a strict time frame that you are working with or deadlines to meet.

***Sorry, no returns on this drop ship item, unless it is defective.

Additionally, our supplier will not ship internationally but if you would like to get a Spin Dryer and happen to live outside of the US we can have it shipped to our warehouse and then to you at an additional shipping fee of $30.00.


This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

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5 star rating
My Extractor The Compleat Storey(more than Recreational Readers wanted to know enough for Serious Shoppers)1. Ordering: The extractor isn't shipped by Dharma it is shipped directly by the manufacturer. Dharma sent immediate emails verifying my order. 4 days later Dharma emailed that it had been shipped and provided a tracking number. My box arrived a total of 16 days after the order--- not immediate gratification but waaay faster than a typical drop-shipment in the "olden days"!2. The extractor came via UPS in a sturdy cb carton inner-packed with molded styrofoam thingies (not cornstarch I'll live with it and hacked it up to reship with Xmas items) to absorb shock and block any possible merchandise shifting. My Brown delivery guy is perfect and had the apt mgr sign it waited at my door. The total weight was only 27 lbs and very liftable--I've had several 21 Yr Old birthdays. It unpacked with no dings no errors.3. Performance: Good instructions come with the extractor. A "balanced load" means a balanced load. My items are placed in it whilst sopping wet balanced by eye as good as it gets but not Anal-Compulsive. Sometimes on startup it wobbles a bit (steadied by my steady hand) but so far there has been no walking or other untoward behavior. Balancing in this small container does require more attention than loading your average clothes washer. The reasons mathematically revolve (sorry) around the lesser diameter and much greater speed attained. I pull my items out almost dry. I have watched for leaks or mechanical warning signs and there have been neither.4. What and Why: I have laundry issues. I wear surgical scrubs every day but am sensitive to the detergent that isn't rinsed out by our commercial laundry AND my apartment laundromat. Alternatives are my parents' W&D or an extra rinse in a 5-gallon bucket at home. The extractor makes the extra rinse a do-able alternative. It accommodates 5 sets (jacket top pants X 5 days) well and delivers them hanger dry. If I wanted to I could iron them and they'd be dry. I've only proved it twice.I've been spinning since late '60s early '70s and prefer wool from the sheep scoured and prepped by me. You might understand it's the process. Scouring in small batches in the bathtub or a bucket is fine. I rationalized the purchase of the extractor by realizing that I'd be able to pick and comb or card or dry for later use the wool almost immediately. This has been true so far with California Red Cormo and Churro. There is no heat or agitation during the Whirr Cycle resulting in no cotting or matting only eminently workable wool. When I remove it from the extractor I tease it lightly and spread it on Plant Nursery flat-holders and it is dry within the hour (my relative humidity range from 40% to 6%--high desert). I have not tried cotton or silk yet.Serious Questions? nd dot haines at gmail dot net
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4 star rating
Just had this for a few weeks but so far so good. Balance is key--if it is off balance it will "walk" across the floor and will not reach full speed. So follow their instructions (heavy items top and bottom of the drum light items in the middle). Smoosh everything down in the tube and put the flexible plastic disc on top latch and whee! Off it goes. It's very quiet if you are hearing more than a whirring sound your load is probably off balance. (Of course you're probably seeing it walk across the floor at that point too as mentioned above.) I speak from my own experience of course. I set mine up at the edge of my walk-in shower latch the lid then hold the sides until full speed is reached (because that's when it will start "walking"). Then I just keep an eye on the spout. When no more water comes out pop the latch to the open position and the motor stops. THE MACHINE DOES NOT!!! There is no "brake" on the drum so you have to wait for the spinning to stop on its own plan on getting your laundry basket ready or grab a cup of coffee while you wait since it takes a few minutes to wind down. The lid stays latched for safety until the spinning has slowed to a certain point. If you have small kids around you might want to keep an eye out--the drum on my machine is still spinning pretty fast when the lid is first released. Not enough to harm an adult but with the little ones it's better to over-protect! The clothes are practically dry when they come out. I line dry an even in this cool weather things are drying well before sundown. This has been a big help to me is simple to operate and works well. If you load it properly and keep a reasonably close watch over it I think it will be a safe and useful member of your household too!
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5 star rating
The first time I used this spinner it removed 3.5 cups of water from a partial load of straight-from-the-washer-spin-cycle laundry. I am very impressed. Great product.
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5 star rating
absolutely wonderful! best tool for spinning out excess water from freshly dyed and rinsed fibers! spins so fast and is relatively quiet when the contents are balanced inside. i highly recommend this product to anyone considering it! sara
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5 star rating
Love this machine!!!! No more ringing out garments by hand! Yes!
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