Spring Suspension Hooks

For silk painting.

Spring Suspension Hooks
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For stretching your silk in to allow painting. The 2 straight prongs hook onto the silk hem and stretch to the other end of your frame using the curled prongs. Prefer to use the rubber band technique? Simply unhook one end of the spring hook(straight or curled end) and loop in the rubberband as pictured above. Each box contains 24 hooks.

Compressed length is 2.25" Stretched length is 3" to 3.5" Prong spaning is .5"

Made in: CHINA (CN)

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2 star rating
I honestly wish I hadn't bought these and had just shelled out the extra money to purchase the normal three prong blue Chinese suspension hooks that Dharma used to carry (but no longer carries and can be found a few other places online for much higher priced than they originally were sold here). These hooks seem acceptable in theory but the two prongs don't hold well on the silks and regularly let go causing tension to be challenging to maintain. On top of that neither end of these hooks are reliably smooth enough not to catch on the silk scarves that I'm trying to suspend. To the point that I've had to spend countless hours with a file ensuring that they don't catch and tear my silks and I'm not even through half of what I purchased. If you take the hooks off the spring the hole is tiny and difficultimpossible to thread a regular-sized rubberband through so for more oversized scarves or areas between the frame and silk that don't have as much distance to stretch these are unusable. The only rubberbands I found that were able to thread through the tiny holes were those teeny tiny colorful rubberbands that are marketed and sold for kids to make bracelets or use as no-pull hair ties for small braids. While they originally seemed to work fine I found that leaving silk suspended even for a day was too much for the tiny rubberbands and caused them to snap no matter how little they were stretched. If I could fit larger rubber bands in the holes of the hooks I might deign to give them three stars and leave the last two off for the inconvenience of having to file every single hook but they can't so I'm being generous in even giving them 2 stars. I've already taken mine all apart and fitted them with rubber bands and filed at least a third of the hooks smooth so I feel that I've put too much work into making these usable to justify the difficulty that would be entailed in returning them and unfortunately because I don't have enough of the blue three prong Chinese suspension hooks I am forced to use these because I want to paint and I have nothing else to use. You can bet that I am purchasing the original Chinese suspension hooks elsewhere regardless of the extra cost involved and that these will then be relegated to backup hooks from the point that the new ones arrive. Cost-wise if these were decent quality and didn't have to be filed individually I'd say it's worth the struggle and difficulty of using them the quantity for the cost would be acceptable but having to file them to ensure my silks don't get damaged is exceptionally frustrating time-consuming and all in all a deal breaker for me ever purchasing these again. If you don't mind having to file each individual hook end so it doesn't catch and you don't mind that they pop out of your silks on occasion or if you don't mind that they don't fit onto normal rubberbands easily or that the rubberbands they fit regularly break then maybe these are the hooks for you. I'd consider that maybe your time is worth more than the few dollars extra that it costs to buy good quality suspension hooks that you don't have to individually fix before being usable but it's not up to me how you value your time. Consider thoroughly whether the difficulty is worth it is all I'm saying. 25 stars. Would not recommend.
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