Swarovski® 4mm HotFix Crystal Packs

We are very excited to offer a selection of Swarovski® HotFix Crystals that can be easily and permanently heat set on fabric, clothing, T-shirts, shoes, bags, phone cases, dog collars… and more! You are limited only by your imagination. There are so many colors and sizes to choose from that we decided to start with these. If they take off, we can always add more.

Swarovski are the best HotFix Crystals on the market, with the most facets, the best sparkle, and the clearest crystal. Cheaper ones look exactly that, cheap. We were also happy to be able to find small affordable packs of them, so you aren't stuck buying them in huge expensive bulk quantities, which is the most common way they are sold.

Create your own designs or place them individually as accents. Heat melts the glue on their backs and sets them permanently to fabric. Can be set individually with our applicator tool, or with an iron. These are washable. (We don't know about dry cleaning because there is more than one substance now days that dry cleaners are using, so we aren't going to recommend it, in case it could melt the glue.)

Made in: AUSTRIA (AT)

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Love these! I used an iron to fix them and it worked great. Even though I already know how brilliant Swarovski crystals are these still amazed me. If you're not sure what size to get I recommend starting with a larger size. 3mm is very small--great for subtle accents or large grouping but the bigger ones are probably more versatile.
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Boy do these dress stuff up. Just a few carefully placed with other design work add so much class! And I have washed and dried the stuff multiple times in normal cycles with Jeans even and those crystals stay on!
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Any trimmings store in NYC will charge you 4 times as much as Dharma and that's just for the regular Swarovski crystals forget the HotFix crystals! These are truly awesome- they are stunning and they adhere onto fabric of all blends and STAY on. As long as you apply the correct temperature of heat press down HARD for a few seconds and then let the glue set you will have no problems!
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So simple to use and wonderfully effective ... only negative is that they are so darn addictive.
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