"Short" Opaque Inkjet Transfer Paper


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8.25x11 - 10 sheets
8.25x11 - 50 sheets
8.25x11 - 100 sheets
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A rogue comet has passed close to Earth and THE MACHINES HAVE COME TO LIFE!
Over at the Opaque inkjet factory machines went crazy and did the unthinkable; they cut pages to 8.25 inches instead of 8.5 inches!
Oh, the machinery!
Long story short, it was touch and go for the warehouse workers there for a few but the comet has passed, the machines are back to normal and they have all of this 8.25 x 11", unnaturally dimension-ed paper to deal with. Rather than run it out of town or light the bonfires, we decided to take pity on the unfortunate outcome and see if we could find loving homes for all the poor, misbegotten sheets. Just as capable as it's 8.5 x 11" counterpart, seen here, the quarter-of-an-inch-short papers are up to the task of setting beautiful images to your dark or colored fabrics.

Please note: As this was an "accidental" printing by the manufacturer they did not put any distinguishing marks on the backing of the paper. Other ink jet papers have different colors or stripes down the back side of each sheet so that it's easy to tell one paper type from another. These papers have only a plain white backing.

Take any image on your computer, print it on this paper with your inkjet printer, then press the image onto a pre-shrunk shirt or other clothing item and voilla! Unlike our basic transfer paper, Opaque paper always works much better with our great new discounted heat presses, so if you are in production, we highly recommend you get a press! It could change your life! Easy and lots of fun! This paper requires lots of heat and pressure, and home irons just don't do it very well.

"Opaque paper" allows you to put white or color images on black or dark fabrics and not have the fabric show through. (Our other Inkjet Transfer Paper allows the fabric color to show through the blank or light areas of your image.) Any area of your image that is not printed upon will remain white. Therefore, it's best to trim your print close to the image if you don't want a white background or border. Works great on all of our black stuff.

Please note that transfer paper DOES have a shelf life; it lasts about 6 months depending upon storage. It must be kept sealed in its plastic bag. High humidity or dry conditions can shorten its shelf life.


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