Jacquard Cyanotype Pretreated Fabric Sheets

10 pack - 8.5" x 11" Cotton Sateen Sheets

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Jacquards high-quality cotton sateen fabric comes pre-sensitized for cyanotype and ready to use, making sun printing easier than ever before. Just pull the sheet out of the package, place objects on top, expose to light, rinse and dry and you'll have a rich, detailed print.

Here's how it works: when the cyanotype fabric is exposed to sunlight, a chemical reaction occurs. It won't reveal itself, though, until you put the fabric in water. Then it will instantly turn blue!

So how do you make a print? Place objects on the fabric to block the light: anywhere the sunlight doesn't touch will remain white and leave a photographic impression on the fabric (this is called a photogram).You can even make full-body prints by lying on top of the mural fabric for the duration of the exposure (careful not to move!). Exposure time depends on conditions, but is generally 3-10 minutes.

*Photos must first be inverted into negative, just like with other traditional photographic processes. To easily transform any image into a negative, visit www.JacquardCyanotype.com. Negatives may then be printed on to SolarFast Film or any other film media.
If handled properly, not exposed early or stored poorly, the treated fabric has a shelf life of at least two years.

Curious about how it all works in more detail? Check out these helpful links:
Complete Instructions
Cyanotype vs. SolarFast facts
Toning Cyanotype Prints
Cyanotype FAQs

Also available in a large 5' x 7' mural!



Printing with Cyanotype Fabric

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Product is excellent but printed instructions are confusing. I had to call the company to find out how to use it and one of the verbal instructions was even contradictory to what was on the package.
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Results in a sense of amazement in the kids...easy to use fast results also a great learning experience.
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Excellent product. Don't know what I'd do without Dharma.
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