Opaque Inkjet Transfer Paper


NuCoat's Permatrans® inkjet heat transfer paper

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8.5" x 11" Sheets
Packs of 10 sheets @ $11.30 per pack ( per sheet)
Packs of 50 sheets @ $49.84 per pack ( per sheet)
Packs of 100 sheets @ $87.36 per pack ( per sheet)
Packs of 500 sheets @ $404.15 per pack ( per sheet)
11"x17" Sheets
Packs of 10 sheets @ $22.75 per pack ( per sheet)
Packs of 50 sheets @ $98.40 per pack ( per sheet)
Packs of 100 sheets @ $176.55 per pack ( per sheet)
Packs of 500 sheets @ $799.69 per pack ( per sheet)
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The new paper is slightly thicker and stiffer but retains more vibrant color than previous types. We really liked our old paper but due to continual manufacturing issues we finally had to give up and look for a replacement. After testing the new paper compared to some of the old opaque paper we found the new is not only more beautiful in color, it also has the same wash durability. Additionally, the cost of the new goods is lower so we are able to drop our prices dramatically, giving you, our customers, the best possible savings. Give it a try! We think you will like it as much as we do.

This product is your first choice for transferring images onto dark fabrics. Take any image on your computer, print it on this paper with your inkjet printer, then press the image onto a pre-shrunk shirt or other clothing item and voilla! Unlike our basic transfer paper, Opaque paper always works much better with our great new discounted heat presses, so if you are in production, we highly recommend you get a press! It could change your life! Easy and lots of fun! This paper requires lots of heat and pressure, and home irons just don't do it very well.

Allows you to put white or color images on black or dark fabrics and not have the fabric show through. (Our other Inkjet Transfer Paper allows the fabric color to show through the blank or light areas of your image.) This paper has an opaque white background so nothing shows through. Any area of your image that is not printed upon will remain white. Therefore, it's best to trim your print close to the image if you don't want a white background or border. Works great on all of our black stuff.

Please note that transfer paper DOES have a shelf life; it lasts about 6 months depending upon storage. Ideal Storage Conditions: Between 59° and 77°F and 30% to 70% RH. It must be kept sealed in its plastic bag. High humidity or dry conditions can shorten its shelf life.

It is also handy to know that this paper can be distinguished from other types by the two blue stripes along the back of each sheet.


Some newer pigment based inks may react differently with various transfer papers, causing color shifts after heat setting. As always we recommend testing products, processes, and techniques before you start a large project.


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I love this product until I washed the items. The images are so clear and professional looking once ironed on. After washing however the images all cracked. And I did have some slight staining as well. I can't sell these items now. I am so disappointed because I followed the directions to the letter. And they looked so great before I washed them!
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This paper is very easy to use makes clean long-lasting images.
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I wasn't sure which side was the transfer and which was the paper so I called. They told me the side with the "paw prints" was the paper. I followed the instructions - using a very hot iron on a flat board. First I got the shirt hot then I added the transfer put the included paper over the transfer and made sure I held the iron in place 40 seconds over the entire transfer twice (top to bottom then side to side). It worked like magic. I am very happy with the results.
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Transfers worked great and looked great - made red "dinosaur" t-shirts for our local Head Start group's field trip - the kids loved them and the teachers could see their red-shirted charges easily! The kids could see their teachers easily too and the folks who ran the place wanted a picture of them! thanks a lot -
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This product is great! I have no complaints.Give it a try you won't disappointed.
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