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C5 - Cotton Lawn $16.99 $5.45
C6 - High Thread Count Broadcloth $16.99 $7.75
C4 - Artist Canvas 6.5oz $16.99 $8.39
C1 - Cotton Percale $16.99 $6.39 5.89 5.45
C2 - Cotton Sateen $16.99 $6.95 6.39 5.89
C3 - Cotton Sheeting $16.99 $7.19 6.59 6.09
CA1 - Single Sheet Cotton Assortment $16.99 $7.95 7.29 6.75
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CA1 - Single Sheet Cotton Assortment
C1 - Cotton Percale
C2 - Cotton Sateen
C3 - Cotton Sheeting
C4 - Artist Canvas 6.5oz
Discontinued when gone.
C5 - Cotton Lawn
Discontinued when gone.
C6 - High Thread Count Broadcloth
Discontinued when gone.
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2/13/20 UPDATE: We are making some changes over here. Keep your eyes peeled as some styles are going away and new styles will be stepping in. Please bear with us during this transition.

Specially treated, paper backed, 8.5" x 11" sheets of cotton fabric run smoothly through all brands of inkjet printers. The fabric is treated with the Fabrisign coating so the colors remain permanent and water resistant, but they do require that pigment based inks are used, not dye based inks.

Also, the fabrics will remain soft with no 'feel' left over from the coating and printing. Please note that while permanent and water resistant, the fabric should not be washed or dry cleaned as this can degrade the color quality. But, a gentle rinsing with cold water and Synthrapol can remove excess ink that could run if the piece is exposed to liquids. The shelf life on these papers is about a year if stored in a cool, dry place.

Very easy to use:

  • Create your design onscreen
  • Test on paper for orientation
  • Increase ink saturation in your printer options
  • Load 1 sheet of your inkjet fabric
  • Print your design
  • Peel the fabric off the paper backing
  • Allow to dry for 24 hours
  • (Rinse gently with cold water and synthrapol)


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I love having a choice of cotton fabric to print on...but I need more information about how they behave with different sorts of glues. I was really surprised when the silk do chine shrank as I attemptd to glue it with acrylic medium. I wanted to use fabric because I was gluing to a curved surface and expected that the fabric would be more forgiving than paper (and it was) but I would appreciate more guidance about how the differrent fabrics will behave. Obviously your sample packs are intended to let people have experience with the fabrics but you have to sacrifice the piece to get the experience. Maybe 12 packs.
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I bought 2 packs of the canvas and it kept jamming my printer. Thinking it was the Epson printer's fault I tried it on three other printers of different makes HP Cannon and Dell. All 3 were jammed by this paper. Waste of money.
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Not what I was expecting. I was thinking of a more fabric look to the print. Maybe I need to get rag bond I also didn't like that the final ends caught the ink slag. So that has to be trimmed off. Over all they are very very nice. I only increased the saturation a little bit on the first test. In lay terms it looks like a bad (fuzzy) print. When you examine it you can see that it's very nicely done. It even took the shading & shadowing quite well. It fed through the printer easily enough as a very thick piece & overall printed like any other piece (of paper). I would like to see some for the laser printer but I'll prol'y be making my own by the time that happens. I like these pre done for the convenience.
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i just wish it came with more in one pack....and at a better price. if you're using a lot of this for ongoing projects - it becomes very expensive!
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Don't bother!
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