Inkjet Transfer Paper

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NuCoat's Permatrans® inkjet heat transfer paper

Inkjet Transfer Paper
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#IJP was discontinued by the manufacturer. Please see #IJPT

Take anything you print on an INK JET PRINTER and with a home iron or heat press, transfer the image to fabric, clothing, wood and most porous surfaces.

This is very neat stuff - Anyone with a computer and access to an ink jet printer should try this. You just put the paper into the printer and print. Then iron onto cotton or cotton/poly fabric*. If you are in production, seriously consider a heat press because it will save a lot of time and do an even better job. After that, it's washable and permanent. It's great fun and unlimited in what you can create. T-shirts and clothing are obvious, but try picture quilts, or team uniforms and sports stuff like caps, wherever silkscreening is not practical.

*It transfers best onto 100% cotton or cotton/poly blends or 100% polyester. It can be used on silk, but the transfer has a rather "plasticy" feel for a delicate fabric like silk. For fabrics like nylon, great care must be taken because the heat of the iron may shrink the actual fabric and make the transfer look funky (shrunken at the edges). For cottons, rayons, hemp, etc, it is always important to pre-shrink anything that is going to ever be washed before applying transfers.

Note: With this paper, any part of your image that is blank, white, or lightly colored will allow the color of the fabric you print on to show through. Try our Opaque Inkjet Transfer Paper if you don't want the fabric color to show through!

Comes with complete instructions. Easy and fun - try it!

This paper was formulated to use with dye-based inks. Some of the new pigment Inks, like Epson Durabright, are causing strange results after the paper is heated, such as a distinctive green cast. Always test!

Please note that transfer paper DOES have a shelf life; it lasts about 6 months depending upon storage. It must be kept sealed in its plastic bag. High humidity or dry conditions can shorten its shelf life.

It is also handy to know that this paper can be distinguished from other types by it's violet stripe along the back of each sheet.



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5 star rating
Easy to use - great results - every time!
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4 star rating
Easy to use. Did not like shiny plastic look though. I was pleased to fix this problem by ironing some stitch-n-tear(pellon product like interfacing with no adhesive) to surfaceand then carefully peeling it back. it effectively re-textured the surface to a matte finish. Be careful though. Iron lightly at first to test out then increase pressure if needed.
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3 star rating
Makes a great image. So far however I have not discovered the secret to successful washing. Tried many methods and several detergents but images still crack badly.
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5 star rating
I purchased this paper all the time. We love it! I am a P-K teacher and I use it to make my students t-shirts for school trips. I also make t-shirts for my sons. I print vacation photos on the shirts and they love them. Grandma too. If I had a professional transfer machine I know that the photo would last longer. The shirts wash well as long as you turn them inside out and wash w cold water.
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3 star rating
The printed image comes out in perfect detail the only downside is that the plastic isn't pressed into the fabric very much so you get the visible edge.
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