Fabrisign Silk InkJet Fabrics

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Fabrisign Silk InkJet Fabrics





FabriSign is about EASE OF USE:

For most applications FabriSign is the right choice. FabriSign saves you time, money, and hassle while producing gorgeous prints that will wow your customers. FabriSign allows you to use any waterbased ink with any fabric and requires no post processing - just print and you're done. FabriSign brings your projects in on time and under budget while dazzling your customers.

  • Use any waterbased ink on any fabric
  • No post processing - just print and you're done!

And this ease of use is accomplished with minimal compromise:

  • Colors are excellent
  • Water resistance is excellent
  • Prints may be used indoors or out
  • Cannot be machine washed or drycleaned

In many cases using a ProCoat fabric is overkill. Signs and banners are often used only for a short time, pillows and other home decorations often will never be washed. In those situations and many more FabriSign is the perfect solution.




Average Customer Review
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2 star rating
very inconsistent product. I buy it a lot and every roll is different. sometimes it peels off easily other times it doesn't and it needs to be ironed off which leaves a thin film on the back of the silk or the film needs to be rubbed off the back of the silk. sometimes paper separates from silk in spots while on the roll. sometimes silk is not cut on the grain so everything comes out lopsided or it is stretched so much it shrinks a lot once peeled off. Sometimes it has a thicker paper backing other times paper is too thin making it very hard to impossible to feed through the printer. If it works it is a great product but due to the inconsistencies it is very hard to work with. I am cutting down its uses in my product line due to this.
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2 star rating
very inconsistent product - each roll is different and there tend to be lots of problems such as paper backing too thin silk doesn't peel off easily or it peels off before it even gets printed fabric not cut straight and others. Also as pointed out before coating used is actually Fabrisign2 which is quite different from Fabrisign.
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1 star rating
I was working extensively with a student printing on the Fabrisign Indian Dupion White 42" roll on an Epson Stylus Pro 9900. The printed material is gorgeous giving images a pearlescent sheen however it wrecks havoc on your printer. Major leading inkjet companies offer icc profiles and printer setting recommendations but this brand doesn't offer anything. After we reached out to the manufacture we were advised to use an existing icc profile for a matte type paper but they were unable to provide print settings. After trial and error and much waste (the silk isn't cheap) I managed to get the prints to come out with almost no smudging. Note I set my platen gap to the widest and tested with a high suction (the backed silk is pretty thick). After using this product I've loaded traditional Canson and Epson inkjet papers and they now have ink smudging from residual pieces of Indian silk that got caught in the print heads. This is a major defect of this product as it can permanently ruin your print head. Its unfortunate because the materials offered here are very unique and aren't offered elsewhere. Being a fine art printer for 12 years I must admit I was very suspicious before using any of these materials after receiving a sample pack because they didn't feel safe to use on an inkjet printer (the paper characteristics aren't too different from the un-coated vs the coated material) . I will never recommend this company again and will continue to use trusty manufacturers that truly test their materials as their backed with well made icc profiles and print settings that will make this safe for your printer.
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5 star rating
Because cut pieces retained the curl from being rolled I had to tape them to a thick sheet of paper to get them through the printer. But then they printed beautifully and the silk gave the print a nice sheen
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5 star rating
I use Fabrisign Charmeuse 22mm it is fabulous in print and makes lovely scarves. My only problem is that you all can't seem to keep it on the shelves. It is an on-going problem just ordering it. I sometimes wait 3-6 months until it's back in stock. Not good for customer service!
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