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Here are some of the best DVD's related to fiber art techniques that we could find. We have a crew of our best technical folk watch every DVD that is submitted, and we only accept and carry the best ones, usually by well recognized artists who have been practicing and teaching the techniques for years. For the price of a DVD, you are getting the equivalent of a class, which would be way more expensive, might include travel and lodging, and you don't have to put up with the other students dominating the teachers time! How can you go wrong?

Patti Culea is back again and this time she is taking us on a voyage to the deep blue sea!
Ana Lisa Hedstrom introduces simple techniques of folding and clamping, scrunching, dipping, and painting on arashi pleats with persimmon juice to produce rich brown, tans, and blacks on paper and fabrics.
A wonderful workshop for those starting out, as well as offering more challenging considerations for advanced fiber arts.
Fiber Reactive Dyes produce results that are colorfast and very washable. Get better results in your projects by exploring several methods and how things work! 3 Disc DVD Wallet Set. 7 Hours of Video + Course Study eBook!
The film "BATIK OF JAVA: A VISUAL JOURNEY" offers a wonderful overview into the national treasure of Indonesia. A wonderful opportunity to learn batik visually, and an excellent basis for moving on to appreciate some of the many books on batik, surface design, and Indonesian Art & Culture.
Explore exciting Surface Design techniques using Soy wax.
In Silk Painting for Fine Artists, Master Silk Painting Artist Natasha Foucault combines her love of travel, photography, teaching and fine art as she creates fine art silk paintings.
In Silk Painting for Wearable Art, Natasha Foucault works on a variety of silk frames and fabric sizes, all designed for wearing out on the town or around the pool. Four (4) workshops in one -- working from small to large frames for a variety of wearable art!
In this DVD, the viewer is guided through every step of the process using Fiber Reactive Procion MX Dye, including how to create basic patterns and obtain the best results.
In this advanced DVD (2 disc set!), the viewer is guided in depth into the creation of many advanced shapes and patterns! Do it like the pros!
Good customers Martine and Tom have produced a new "How-to" DVD for Tie-Dye that is a compilation of their beginers guide and advanced techniques! A complete proven system is taught, revealing the "secrets" refined by the authors over 10 years of successfully producing and selling tie-dye.
In this foundation workshop + bonus lessons (eBOOK) from leading author and instructor Jill Kennedy we explore the most in demand techniques as well as some wonderful methods you are surely to enjoy in your work.
2 disc DVD set that provides a variety of techniques with useful tips on how to create batik art on paper and fabric.
This DVD provides a variety of creative ideas for cloth doll makers.
A complete course on the techniques of Japanese Arashi Shibori pole wrapping.
In this 2 1/2 hour DVD, Ana Lisa Hedstrom presents a variety of ways to create exciting, multi-dimensional stitch-resist patterns and pleats for art clothing, quilts, and art textiles. 
Addie teaches how to paint on silk to create finished art. This DVD is for beginners to advanced students.
An in-depth exploration and explanation of red, blue, and yellow natural dyes on animal protein fibers.
An exploration of the endless potential of natural dyes and pigments for painting, printing and other direct application techniques on fabric, paper, wood and more!

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