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For use with Natural Dye Extracts

Print Paste Thickener
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Now you don't have to travel to India to get great Natural Dye block printed and stenciled fabrics - make your own!

By using Botanical Color's Print Paste Thickener you can take your natural dyeing up to the next level. Works better than homemade print pastes. How it works is, it will thicken your watery natural dyes so you can use them to paint, stamp and stencil to your heart's delight!

After setting them, they will act like a dye and leave no feel on the fabric. Viola!

Side note: Spring 2019 the formula changed slightly - the difference in the mixture being that the gum used in the new formula is cold water soluble so boiling hot water is no longer needed.



Printing with Natural Powdered Extracts Instructions and Tips

Printing with Natural Powdered Extracts

What you'll need:
Organic Paste Thickener (#PPT)
Natural Dye Powdered Extracts (#NDEP)
Cold water
Mixing containers


  • You'll want to make a paste using the Organic Paste Thickener - it's a gum-based thickener and is pH neutral so as not to alter the dye colors. Paste can be made into a base and then added to the colors you want.
  • Regular recipe: 1 teaspoon of thickener to 2 cups cold water. If you're able to let it sit overnight that will help it coalesce, otherwise blend it in blender.
  • Additional powder can be then mixed into the paste for very thick results, or add water to create thinner results.
    When mixing paste in with the natural dye powders, they may still have a strong smell (like Lac!) so take care and work in well-ventilated area if sensitive.
  • Be patient. It may take a long time of mixing to get the powder and the paste to integrate. Dissolve the natural dye powder in some cold water first! You don't need a whole lot of water - a little will do. This will also depend on how much you're making. Then add the thickener to this dye concentrate.
  • Don't use Sodium Alginate as your thickener! It can cause color shifts and skew your dye printing result.
  • You can pre-mordant your fibers with alum (at about 8% OWG) or you can also opt to stir in alum into your dye/paste mix.
  • You don't need to alum your project. Without it the dyes are more prone to bleeding during wash-out and are not as colorfast.
  • Two ways to set the dye: Heat with Steam or let sit to air cure for two weeks. Air-cure is an alright method, but take great care when washing out as the dye can transfer and bleed.


Q & A

Can I Use the Aquarelle Natural Dyes (liquids)?
Yes, but they are not the same tinctorial strength as the powders and so you may get a very pale, pastel result.

Can I Mix colors?
Yes! The colors will mix well (even indigo with other colors) so go for it!

How long will this paste last?
About a week or so. Best to mix in small batches and use as you need. Refrigerate to lengthen shelf life. If it separates, thins or gets moldy - it's done.

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