White Cotton Twill Aprons

Better for dyeing!

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Cafe Apron
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For years, we have sold literally 10s of thousands of our cotton canvas duck aprons. They were all we had and they were (and are) a good value. They have always been best for screen printing, transfers, stenciling and painting. You asked for better dyeability, washability and durability. So here you go - the same style aprons in an entirely new fabric, with all those features. Made from a lighter weight yet strong, finely woven 100% white cotton twill. Sewn with cotton thread as usual. It is lighter weight than duck, so it's easier to make tied designs and get wax to penetrate, but denser fabric so it's more durable in the wash, and it is white, so with tie-dye and batik you have the nice white background, plus they take the dye true to color instead of yellowish.

All sizes have 4 large pockets just below the waist, within handy reach, for whatever you want to stash away in them. Squared hems are turned and stitched down. Matching 100% cotton twill self binding at necklines that extend into the side ties. So go ahead and make a mess!

Tie dye or batik them and be the coolest chef around. Just as great as the duck version for transfers, stenciling, stamped designs, screened or painted logos, whatever! Measurements are without the neck straps and the side ties.

Cotton twill does shrink when washed warm or hot, though not nearly as much as the canvas, so you can pre-shrink them or not, depending on what you are doing to them or using them for. We do recommend pre-shrinking before applying transfers or fabric paint, and we also recommend prewashing in HOT water and Synthrapol if you are going to dye them a solid color.

So let's get some tie-dye in all the kitchens and art classes of America!

Made in: CHINA (CN)

1          24          33       33       28
2          22          29       28       24
3          20          25       24       19
4          19          19       19       15

         WIDTH        TIES    LENGTH
WCTAC      23          32       14

All measurements taken before shrinkage! 
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I really like this product. I have used the canvas aprons in the past and although they were good the white twill is far far better. The are well made dye beautifully and have held up well so far. They have a nice smooth finish. Also they don't seem to shrink too much although there is some shrinkage so plan accordingly. I plan on using these from now on.
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We ordered thirteen of these for my daughter's birthday party. They decorated them with fabric markers we ironed them to set the paint and then they baked bread wearing them. They looked fantastic and felt like high-quality items.
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Bought 20 of these tie dyed them using the procion dyes and the colors came out rich and beautiful. Fabric quality is great too.
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Lovely and full size great for tie dying!
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dye very well and well made
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