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Dharma has the best prices on Silk!

As always, we import only First Class, Grade A silk and we still offer it at the lowest prices in the USA! Even as China revalues it's currency, workers gain salary increases and shipping costs rise, we continue to price our silks as low as possible so you all can still afford them.

All of our silk is Grade A - 1st Class - Number 1 - the best quality we can find.

There are a few things you should know about our fabrics...

Silk Habotai Fabrics
Also known as "china silk" this is the classic silk fabric you see used in all kinds of projects. We carry a wide variety of weights and widths.
Crepe de Chine Fabrics
Crepe de Chine fabric, available in several weights, white and black, has a slightly crinkled texture with a gentle, graceful drape, a very soft hand, and a more substantial weight than most Habotai.
Charmeuse Fabrics
We have several types of Silk Charmeuse. Otherwise known as Crepe Back Silk Satin, Charmeuse has softly muted crepe on one side and the classic shiny shimmery Satin on the other.
Silk Gauze Fabrics
Extremely sheer and delicate fibers with a very soft hand and floaty drape. Dyes and paints easily with great color retention.
Silk Chiffon Fabrics
Silk Chiffon is an elegant, sheer fabric with a soft, beautiful drape and crepe-like texture. We have Silk Chiffon in three weights and three widths.
Raw Silk Fabrics
Also known as Silk Noil. This is a slightly nubby fabric with random flecks in a natural, off-white color. It has a somewhat rough texture and gentle drape.
Devore Fabrics
Devore Satin is a luxurious Rayon/silk blend for etching designs.
Silk Dupion 19mm 45"
Picture shimmery silk with lots of texture - raised silk slubs - similar to Shantung.
Flat Crepe 8mm 45"
Very popular fabric in scarves, kind of a cross between Habotai and Crepe de Chine.
Organza Fabrics
Organza is a very sheer, crisp fabric that is strong and durable with a firm hand and a flat, smooth texture.
Silk Twill 12mm 45"
A very utilitarian yet beautiful, durable silk.
Velvet Fabrics
This silk velvet is 18% silk, 82% rayon with two sides, a soft rayon pile on the face with a silk chiffon back. Can be immersion dyed or easily painted on the chiffon back side.
Silk Blend Fabrics
Here are some really fantastic blends of Silk and other fibers. These are all really strong, some have wonderful textures, and they all benefit from the sheen the silk provides.

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