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Note: It is always best to do a test application on a piece of scrap material or hidden area of your piece before you begin!

Step 1:
Prepare your leather for dyeing. Remove any oils, dirt, and/or existing finishes from your piece with Angelus Leather Preparer and Deglazer. Using a cloth or pad saturated with the Preparer, rub in a circular motion to remove the finish. Allow the leather to dry completely. If the leather has cracks or scuff marks, you may carefully sand with fine sandpaper to smooth them out and/or seal cracks with a leather sealer to prevent overpenetration.

Step 2:
Apply a light coat of Angelus Leather Dye with a wool dauber. Let it dry and then rub the leather surface with a soft clean cloth. This will remove any excess dye and will also remove any lint that may have come off of the dauber. If a darker shade is desired you may apply further coats of dye using the same procedure as above, working your way up to the desired shade. (Note: for lighter shades you can dilute Angelus Dyes with Angelus Dye Reducer before applying to your piece.)

Note: If too much dye is applied, Angelus Leather Dyes can leave a green metallic look to the leather. This is called the "Bronzing Effect" and is caused by an excess amount of pigment. The solution to this is to saturate a rag or cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and wipe down the leather. This should restore the leather to the look of the dye color you used.

Step 3 (optional):
If a different finish is desired, once your piece is dry, apply a light coat of the Angelus Acrylic Finisher of your choice (from High Gloss to Matte finish). Apply 1-2 coats, allowing the leather to dry between coats.

Step 4 (recommended):
After any dyes and finishes are dry, condition the leather with Angelus Leather Conditioner. Conditioning will provide better wear and scuff resistance to your piece.

More tips for dyeing leather:

  • Take time to prepare the leather well. Finishes, glazes, oils, dirt, etc. can stop the dye from penetrating.
  • Shake or stir all products well before use.
  • Allow dyed and refinished articles to dry overnight before wearing.
  • Do not apply finish over a waxed or siliconed leather.
  • Do not attempt to dye dark leathers very light.
  • Sand all scuffs and cracks with fine sandpaper.
  • Prime all sanded scuffs/cracks with a sealer.
  • Do not attempt to cover in one application. Two light coats are better than one heavy one.
  • Do not use Acetone or Lacquer Thinner to thin dye products. They may not be compatible with the dye.
  • Wear gloves and use only in a well ventilated area.
  • Dyes are meant to permanently dye articles, so take care not to splash or spill.

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