Jacquard Pearl Ex Pigments

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USE FOR: Adding metallic and pearlescent shimmer to any medium that can hold it

USE ON: Whatever transparent medium you want to add them to - fabric paint, resists, candles, house paint, Fimo, wax, wood varnishes, glue, etc.

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3/4 & 1/2 oz. jars $6.59 $3.99 $3.79 $3.69

Standard Colors
630 Citrine
631 Scarlet
632 Magenta
633 Shimmer Violet
634 Sapphire Blue
635 Apple Green
636 Emerald
637 Dark Brown
640 Carbon Black
641 Pumpkin Orange
642 Salmon Pink
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643 Pink Gold
644 Reflex Violet
645 Grey Lavender
646 Mink
647 Sky Blue
Metallic Colors
On Black | On White
650 Micropearl
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651 Pearl White
652 Macropearl
653 Red Russet
654 Super Russet
655 Super Copper
656 Brilliant Gold
657 Sparkle Gold
658 Aztec Gold
659 Antique Gold
660 Antique Bronze
661 Antique Copper
662 Antique Silver
663 Silver
- Sorry, this item is temporarily sold out.
664 Super Bronze
665 Sunset Gold
Interference Colors
On Black | On White
670 Interference Red
671 Interference Blue
672 Interference Green
673 Interference Violet
674 Interference Gold
Duo Colors
On Black | On White
680 Duo Red-Blue
681 Duo Blue-Green
682 Duo Green-Yellow
693 Duo Violet-Brass
- Sorry, this item is temporarily sold out.
695 Duo Aqua-Blue
696 Duo Blue-Purple
Fashion Colors
683 Bright Yellow
684 Flamingo Pink
685 Spring Green
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686 Turquoise
687 True Blue
688 Misty Lavender
689 Blue Russet
690 Knox Gold
691 Solar Gold
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694 Rose Gold
697 Hot Copper
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Pearl Ex Ornament Project
Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments are very fine powdered mica pigments that are non-toxic, inert, and can be mixed into virtually any viscous, transparent medium and applied to any surface! Since they are not metals, they will never rust or tarnish. The variety of finishes Pearl Ex can produce is nearly endless - from metallic sheens to pearlescent shimmers to all manner of faux finishes.

Not intended for use by children. As with all powders, wear a dust mask and work in a well ventilated area when using.

Pearl Ex can be added to silk painting resists, to silk screening paints, to airbrush inks, to oil paints, wax, whatever. You can transform plain clay into luminous art objects and ordinary candles into poured metallic-looking antique candles. You can also add it to glue or use our new, tacky when dried, Jones Tones Foil Glue - see the silver swirly pattern above. You can stamp the glue on with a rubber stamp or apply it with a gutta applicator bottle, let it dry, then apply Pearl Ex, kind of rubbing it into the glue and removing the excess.

    Apply Pearl Ex Pigments to:
  • Fabric
  • Clay
  • Glass
  • Wax
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Almost anything!

The fact is no one knows all the ways one can use this stuff!

The first 8 colors are the Standard Colors. The next 16 colors are Metallic Colors with various particle sizes. Different particle sizes give different effects. Then there are 5 Interference Colors which can't be described as they appear differently depending how you use them. (Try adding some to clear resist for an out-of-body experience). The next 3 colors are Duo Colors which change color depending on the light angle. The last 8 colors are the Fashion Colors.

Some things can't be adequately described. You have to take a chance!

3/4 ounce jars of standard colors
1/2 ounce jars of Duo and Interference Colors

Use our Neopaque Clear Extender or Gum Arabic as a base to mix with the pigments, or any clear medium. Try them with a poly-urethane and paint walls and furniture. How 'bout your car?

Pearl Ex Pigments Instructions

Pearl Ex Pigment is extremely easy to use. Its incredible flexibility lends itself to a vast array of techniques. Your biggest problem may be deciding which technique to use. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Mix Pearl EX with a clear embossing powder for rubber stamp embossing. Pearl Ex in itself is not an embossing powder.
  • Interference colors work best over dark surfaces.
  • Mix 4 parts Pearl Ex to 1 part Gum Arabic and add water to desired consistency for a watercolor paint. If mixing in a plastic well palette, this mixture can dry out and become reconstituted with water.
  • Dust Pearl Ex Powders onto shrink plastic before shrinking. The powder will become embedded in the surface when the plastic shrinks.
  • Dust a polymer clay rubber mold with Pearl Ex before pressing in the clay. This is a great way to color the clay. It also makes the clay easier to release from the mold.
  • Mix Pearl Ex with the Jacquard Textile Colors Colorless Extender for use on fabrics. Heat set as directed on bottle.
  • Mix Pearl Ex with any clear medium to use over any surface. For example, you can mix Pearl Ex with a varnish, acrylic or solvent-based, as a coating over clay, wood, or paper.
  • Dust Pearl Ex onto any surface and then seal with a spray lacquer. Spray the lacquer out over the surface and let the mist fall onto the surface rather than spraying the lacquer at the surface. This will give you a more even coat of lacquer without spray marks as well as preventing the spray from blowing off the Pearl Ex.
  • Knead dry Pearl Ex powder into polymer clay to color it.
  • Pearl Ex can be mixed into glycerin soaps in soapmaking and wax for candlemaking.
  • Pearl Ex can be mixed into a medium and airbrushed. Some testing will be necessary to ensure that the particle size will fit through the airbrush opening

Stencil Painting:

    Card stock or gift bags (black works best)
    Spray adhesive (not spray glue)
    Artist brushes
    Clear acrylic
    Scrap paper, tape and paper clips


Lightly Spray some adhesive, ALWAYS IN A WELL-VENTILATED AREA AND WITH CHILDREN SUPERVISED, on paper the same color as your project. Wait a minute, and experiment by brushing the Pearl-Ex powders on with a dry brush. Try the colors alone and in layers. They are very surprising. Especially try the Interference colors!

1. Place stencil on flat paper and secure with paper clips.
2. Cover up exposed background with scrap paper and tape paper to stencil to hold in place.
3. Making sure that the stencil lies flat, spray lightly with spray adhesive, holding nozzle about 12" away.
4. Let set two minutes. Carefully remove tape, clips, paper and stencil - making sure not to smudge design.
5. Load a dry dry brush with Pearl-Ex powder and fill in designs. Remove excess with a brush.
6. Mix a few drops of clear acrylic with some Pearl-Ex powder until you get a smooth paint. Use this to touch up and enhance your stenciled design.

Water Color Painting:

    Gum arabic or clear acrylic medium (matte or gloss)
    Pearl-Ex powders
    Dark and light colored card stock
    Artist brushes
    Black permanent marker (fine and/or thick)
    Paper cups
    Paper glue


Both acrylic medium and gum arabic will keep the Pearl-Ex Powders in a suspension, so that they make a plowing paint, (use approximately 20% Pearl-Ex). Painting the Interference colors over black makes the Pearl-Ex change color. Experiment on scraps of paper to try different effects.

1. On light card stocks, draw designs with black marker.
2. Mix several colors of Pearl-Ex with gum arabic or medium, (in separate cups).
3. Paint over drawings with Pearl-Ex Interference colors.
4. Paint over different card stock with a thick mixture of Pearl-Ex colors.
5. While the mixture is still wet, you may make lines with a comb.
6. Let everything dry completely.
7. Cut out or tear shapes (include some plain card stock as well) and assemble with glue.

Hand-Painted Glass Ornaments
Step by step tutorial on making hand-painted glass ornaments.

Cosplay: Gozer Costume Tutorial

The Pearl Ex Pigments Starter Set contains:
Four 3/4 oz. jars of colors 651-Pearlwhite, 655-Super Copper, 657-Sparkle Gold, 662-Antique Silver, and two 1/2 oz. containers of 671-Interference Blue, 693-Duo Violet/Brass.

Product Details List Price 1+
Pearl Ex Pigments - 6 Color Starter Set $39.54 $23.29
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The Pearl Ex Pigments Starter Set contains:
Eight 1/2 oz. jars of colors 630 Citrine, 631 Scarlet, 632 Magenta, 633 Shimmer Violet, 634 Sapphire Blue, 635 Apple Green, 636 Emerald and 637 Dark Brown.

Product Details List Price 1+
Pearl-Ex Chromatic 8 Color Set $52.72 $30.95
Product Details Qty
8 Color Set
= In Stock = Out Of Stock = Special Order = Drop Ship

The Works Contains:
3 gram jars of 32 Pearl Ex Pigment colors (16 Metallic Colors, 5 Interference Colors, 3 Duo Colors, 8 Fashion Colors) and five project ideas.

Product Details List Price 1+
Pearl-ex Pigments - The Works $72.99 $45.95
Product Details Qty
The Works: 3 gram jars of 32 colors
= In Stock = Out Of Stock = Special Order = Drop Ship

Use the Extender to lighten colors without thinning the paints.

Product Details List Price 1+
Lumiere And Neopaque Extender - 2 1/4 Oz. $6.59 $3.99
Lumiere And Neopaque Extender - 8 Oz. $19.79 $12.49
Lumiere And Neopaque Extender - Gallons $149.99 $124.95
Product Details Qty
Extender - 2 1/4 oz.
Extender - 8 oz.
Extender - Gallons
= In Stock = Out Of Stock = Special Order = Drop Ship

This clear, water-based varnish is specifically designed by Jacquard to use with Pearl-Ex Pigments.

Product Details List Price 1+
Pearl Ex Pigments Varnish $6.99 $3.95
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A binder medium used to make a glossy, easy to brush on paint. Use it thin as a wash or thicker for stamping. For use on paper, wood or any surface that will not be washed.

Product Details List Price 1+
Gum Arabic $3.59 $2.89
Product Details Qty
28 grams (1 ounce)
= In Stock = Out Of Stock = Special Order = Drop Ship

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this stuff brings such a great metallic quality to any pain you mix it with. Or even brushing it on over the paint is beautiful.
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This is beautiful stuff finely ground shiny shiny mica I've used it with varnish and extender and it creates lovely paints and is just gorgeous to have around in their pretty little jars
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5 of 5 users found this review helpful.

I work for a fibreglass company and we have started promoting it to our crafty customers as it gives great effects to our clear coating and casting resins!
Was this review helpful? 
4 of 4 users found this review helpful.

Who doesn't love pearl ex? I am happy to get this product in economy size jars thank you!
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2 of 2 users found this review helpful.

A First Class service at the Right PriceAvoncrafts Downunder
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1 of 1 users found this review helpful.

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