Jacquard Clear Water Based Resist

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This clear water based resist has been discontinued by Jacquard.
Dry those tears though, Jacquard has created a new formula! #JWBR Removable Water Based Resist!

Jacquard Clear Water Based Resist is one of our most economical resists. It is odorless, non-toxic, and washes out with warm water, even after steaming. Use with dyes or paints. Doesn't spread or pucker and can even be colored with water based dyes if they are steam-set. This resist can also be silk-screened onto fabric.


The brown "clear" water based resist is being discontinued by Jacquard. #JWBR will be it's replacement.


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Resists well and comes out well when washed but the resist spreads out a lot as it dries. I advise using the smallest tip applicator with this product for any detail.
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Low toxicity washes out easily. Be sure it it dry and avoid getting paint on it - it does break down easily.
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Exactly perfect for what I wanted to do which was use a resist on cotton with sprayed fabric paint. This stuff is great . . . really easy to use very consistent terrific results.
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I absolutely LOVE this water resist. I tried something different. I used it with a paint brush to make rays of light emanate from the sun. It worked GREAT and the dyes around it didn't bleed and the art piece was brilliant! Client LOVED it. One thing that is really fun is to paint your silk with a light color dyes (the whole thing) then after dry use water resist to dry a design. Let it dry for 24 hours. You can see the design easily. Then with darker dyes color in the lines and watch your silk come alive. When you dye fix the silk and then wash out excess dye the resist washes out and the base color shows through and all ya see is the fabulous designs. Iron to dry...and you got an amazing piece of wearable or wall art. I use Green Label Jacquard dyes and Jacquard Clear Water Based Resist.
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This is a very cool product. I have discovered many new effects in my fabric dyeing because of this product.
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