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Glossary Definitions for Words beginning with "L"

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A jacquard fabric, also called brocade or damask. Distinguished by a design that is more raised than usual.
An animal skin tanned or dressed for use. Full Top Grain is considered the highest quality hide.
Leno Weave
A weave that adds strength and firmness to a fabric, preventing slippage of the yarns. The warp yarns are twisted around each other between the picks of filling yarn.
The process where dyes become evenly distributed on the fabric surface.
Leveling Agent
An additive to the dye bath such as urea that helps slow down the rapid absorption of dye into the fibers, this helps minimize streaking and improves distribution of the color.
A term that describes the amount of resistance a dyed fabric has to the damaging rays of the sun.
Linen comes from the fibrous stem of the flax plant and is the one of the oldest fibers used by man. Because of its durability (3 times as strong as cotton), absorbancy and ability to "breathe" it has long been the first choice for summer wear, bed and table linens, window coverings, etc. Linen has a textured weave with a soft feel, an elegant drape and a lustrous sheen. It is often mixed with other fibers to reduce wrinkling. It is a cellulose fiber and is treated like cotton for most uses. Procion Fiber Reactive dyes work best with linen - Acid dyes will just lightly stain it.
Liquor Ratio
In a dye recipe it is the amount of water used and is often abbreviated as L:R
A jacquard fabric made with colored warp threads, usually with a taffeta or faille ground.
Lo Crock Binder
A concentrated binder that holds color concentrates on fabric.
Long Liquor Ratio
A term for exhaust or immersion dyeing.
A frame or automated machine that weaves two or more sets of threads or yarns to form a cloth.
Used with Fiber Reactive Procion Dyes when steaming to help prevent over steaming (oxidation) so the colors stay bright.
A Dupont labeled fabric, known for its resilient spandex qualities
Also called Sodium hydroxide, it is a strong alkali used with vat dyes such as Indigo.

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