Mordants, Color Changers and other Assists

We have added a bunch of NEW Mordants! They are used to prepare fabric for natural dyes so that they will "stick" to it. The colors you get with natural dyes vary depending on what mordant you use and also what fiber you are dyeing. You can often get a large range from each natural dye color by varying the mordants and how you use them. It is a complex subject and we highly recommend purchasing a book or DVD as an introduction. Dharma has chosen to only carry the mordants that are the safest to use. You will read about others, but they can be somewhat to very toxic if not handled properly and we did not feel comfortable carrying them. We also have added some new soaps for cleaning your fabrics before and after natural dyeing. The Cream of Tarter is a ph buffer and softens the water for improved results. Tannic acid can be used by itself as a mordant, or to darken the colors acheived when using Alum as a mordant. Alum is the least toxic of the metallic salt Mordants. 

Aluminum Triformate
Tannic Acid
Aluminum Sulfate
Potassium Alum
Potassium Aluminum Sulfate
Cream Of Tartar - 8 Oz.
Symplocos Plant Mordant
Symplocos cochinchinensis
Calcium Hydroxide Mordant
Aluminum Acetate Mordant
Sodium Hydrosulfite
Color Remover / Reducing Agent for Vat dyes, Indigo
Fructose Granules Mordant
Iron Mordant
Calcium Carbonate Mordant
Hide Glue Granules
Print Paste Thickener
For use with Natural Dye Extracts
Saqta Root
Natural "Incan Shampoo" for wool, alpaca and other fibers
Cellulose Scour

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