100% Cotton Twill Tape

100% Cotton Twill Tape
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38mm (1 1/2") - 10 yards $9.11 8.20 7.45
10mm (3/8") - 25 yards $9.49 8.49 7.75
15mm (5/8") - 25 yards $12.19 10.79 9.95
22mm (7/8") - 25 yards $15.15 13.45 12.35
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Color Chip / Item image10mm (3/8") - 25 yards
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Color Chip / Item image15mm (5/8") - 25 yards
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Color Chip / Item image22mm (7/8") - 25 yards
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Our 100% Cotton Twill Tape dyes great with Dharma Fiber Reactive dyes or even iDye! Twill tape can be used for costuming, garment sewing and tailoring to reinforce seams, jackets, collars or ruche a Steampunker's skirt. Custom dye your twill tape for an exact match for your costumes. Make custom dyed straps for making tote bags & purses. Can also be used in theater productions to tie curtains, cables and scenery skrims.
While these rolls of twill tape may not 'blow your mind', they are great for all kinds of projects and crafts. Twill tape is super strong and very versatile. Every art classroom, dyer's studio, or project palace of any kind should have some of these rolls on hand. And at these prices you can't go wrong!

Made in: CHINA (CN)

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5 star rating
Bought this for a tailoring project. Appears to be good quality (I haven't yet used it) and priced well. Narrow cotton twill tape is hard to find so I was glad to be able to get it here along with some fabrics I needed.
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5 star rating
This dyed beautifully!!
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4 star rating
I love the choice of widths (I got 78" and 38"). I struggled with two aspects 1 is that since it is natural colored cotton this amateur dyer had to figure out how to compensate for the yellow so the final product would look good with the pink and white part of the garment. 2 it did NOT want to absorb the dye in the pot so in spite of swishing and putting things on top to make sure it was submerged the result was very uneven dying (the other item I dyed in the same pot and prepared the same way came out beautifully). Fortunately there was enough on the roll to try again I did low immersion dying and added dish soap this time (hopefully the real dyers aren't fainting here). The tape dyed much more evenly this way.
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