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Speedball Diazo Photo Emulsion is used to prepare a screen for the photo emulsion screen printing method. Basically, you coat the screen and let it dry, lay on an acetate sheet with the image to be "burned", and expose to light. You need ONE OUNCE of Diazo Sensitizer to make 6.6 ounces of Photo Emulsion work! If you make a mistake and need to correct it, or want to re-use a screen for a new image, you will then need Photo Imulsion Remover.

6.6 oz. Jars



Speedball Diazo Photo Emulsion FAQ


How many 10" x 14" screens can I produce with mixed Diazo Photo Emulsion?


4 liquid ounces = 7 screens, 8 liquid ounces = 14 screen, 32 liquid ounces = 55 screens.


Can I use a Plastisol ink with Diazo Photo Emulsion?


Yes, you can. Wash out with mineral spirits.


I want to use the photo emulsion method in a project where I will be transferring text and drawings to steel through the use of galvanic corrosion. The resist must hold up to about one hour submersion in a water solution. Will Diazo Photo Emulsion do this?


The sensitized and properly exposed photo emulsion will withstand the water immersion. A post exposure of about 10 minutes, or longer, to sunlight will insure and improve the water resistance.


When should I use Photo Emulsion Remover? Is there any other way to remove Photo Emulsion from the screen?


You use the Remover when you want to reclaim the screen for another design. No, there is no other way to remove the Diazo Photo Emulsion from the screen. You may replace the screen fabric by removing the cord, replacing the screen fabric and putting the cord back in. However, you need to be sure the tension is strong.


What is the longest time you can leave photo emulsion on a screen without damaging it?


The length of time and high temperatures will make removal more difficult. Use the Diazo Photo Emulsion Remover per instructions.


How do I remove aged Photo Emulsion?


Brush on Diazo Photo Emulsion Remover to both sides of the screen. Scrub with a dry nylon bristle brush on both sides. Repeat process. Allow to stand exactly 1 ½ minutes. Scrub on both sides with the brush. Repeat process. Continue repeating these steps until you note total dissolving/removal of the stencil. Finally, spray with a hard spray of very hot water, using a nylon bristle brush for complete cleaning. NOTE: The screen stencil must be kept wet with the remover throughout the entire removal procedure.


What is the exposure time for Halogen or Metal Halide lamps with Diazo Photo Emulsion?


The basic exposure time for 12xx White Multifilament Polyester mesh (found in all of our kits) at a lamp height of 40 inches is as follows: 1000 watt=140 sec. 2000 watt=70 sec. 3000 watt=45 sec. 4000 watt=33 sec. 5000 watt=25 sec. The mesh variation factors are: Dyed fabric-1.75 305T mono white fabric-0.6 Above, finer than 305T-0.6 Above, coarser than 250T-1.0 The exposure distance factors are: 20”/50cm.=.25 24”/60cm=.36 28”/70cm=.49 36”/90cm=.81 40”/100cm=1.00 44”/110cm=1.21 48”/120cm=1.44 52”/130cm=1.69 56”/140cm=1.95 60”/150cm=2.25 Calculation example: If you are using a 2000 watt halogen light source, at a 48” exposure distance and the 12xx multifilament mesh, the exposure time calculation is (2000 w. lamp time) x (exposure distance factor) x (mesh factor) = 70 sec. x 1.44 x 1.0= 101 seconds
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I love this product It's easy to use (although a little thin) I coat it 3 times on each side and it works great. I expose all my images with sun light and it's is super fast 2-3 minutes at most and I get a perfect image every time..
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I didn't have good results with this mix. I'm not an expert and have only done this a couple of times before. It seems to me that the emulsion when activated was much more sensitive to light than it was the last time I did this. I used the chart time to expose the screen and didn't get a good washout. I reduced the time by 30% and still didn't get a good washout. An accidental puncture of my screen stopped my 50% light time attempt. Having used this before as part of a kit I suspect that I used too much sensitizer although I used the amount suggested when I bought the emulsion.
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As a product I am completely satisfied. I would like to see instructions on the label or in the box for the new user.
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pretty good gets the job done but is super drippy and pools up in spots. I won't be buying it again at least I plan on testing some other emulsions first.
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This was my first attempt at screen printing and it was awesome. I actually can't wait to order more and continue to get better at it. The best price on the internet!
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