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Now sold in a 1oz bottle! Must use 1 bottle per 6.6 oz. Photo Emulsion
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Diazo Sensitizer is used with Diazo Photo Emulsion, and is the ingredient that makes the emulsion light sensitive and ready to develop.

One 1 oz. bottles of Sensitizer are needed for our 6.6 oz Photo Emulsion bottle.

Side note: The tiny bottle may appear to be empty but follow the directions on the side of the bottle and the eensy dark blob that is hiding in the bottle will become quickly apparent!

Diazo Sensitizer is a paste-like substance. Depending on storage conditions, we’ve found that it can sometimes stiffen/ harden. So this may require allowing the product to sit in the water for a minute or two, to ensure that the hardened product dissolves properly and gets mixed into the Diazo Photo Emulsion.


Now sold in a 1oz bottle! Must use 1 bottle per 6.6 oz. Photo Emulsion

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I didn't have good results with this mix. I'm not an expert and have only done this a couple of times before. It seems to me that the emulsion when activated was much more sensitive to light than it was the last time I did this. I used the chart time to expose the screen and didn't get a good washout. I reduced the time by 30% and still didn't get a good washout. An accidental puncture of my screen stopped my 50% light time attempt. Having used this before as part of a kit I suspect that I used too much sensitizer although I used the amount suggested when I bought the emulsion.
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First time using a photo emulsion and sensitizer so it took awhile to get the hang of it. Make sure you don't spread it on too thick and keep wiping away the excess for about 30 minutes or until it starts to settle. Exposed it with a 320 watt bulb 20 inches high for 10 minutes and comes out perfect every time. Will buy again. Only reason i didn't give it 5 stars is it didn't come with allot of info!
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I would ike to see a better method of acurate mixing.
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I used one bottle of Diazo Sensitizer to the 6.6 oz bottle of emulsion and it worked very well. One problem I am having though is to completely remove the emulsion from the screen after printing?! Any suggestions?
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Works well but measuring is annoying. You have to fill the bottle halfway with water but there is nothing on the inside to indicate where half is so you're left trying to peek inside the toy bottle after every few drops of water then guessing and hoping for the best. I could be better in that respect.
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