Lumiere and Neopaque Fabric Paint

Best coverage of any paint on dark fabrics and leather!

Lumiere and Neopaque Fabric Paint
4.77 star rating 4.77 ( 78 review )

USE FOR: Metallic Effects, Stamping, Stenciling, Handpainting, Airbrushing (thinned), Silkscreen.

USE ON: Natural fabrics and most synthetics and blends, wood, paper and leather, both light and dark.

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2 1/4 oz. $7.39 $4.89 $4.25
8 oz. $22.99 $15.49 $13.99
Gallons - Call for availability $169.99 $144.99 $134.99

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533 Rose Gold
542 Citrine
543 Burnt Orange
544 Crimson
545 Burgandy
546 Grape
547 Indigo
548 Old Brass
549 Metalic Rust
550 True Gold
551 Pewter
552 Bright Gold
553 Brass
554 Sunset Gold
555 Halo Pink Gold
556 Halo Blue Gold
557 Halo Violet Gold
561 Metallic Gold
562 Metallic Olive Green
563 Metallic Silver
564 Super Copper
565 Metallic Bronze
2 1/4 oz. - Sorry, this item is temporarily sold out. 10/27/23 On order and OOS with the manufacturer. Due date ~12/22
8 oz. - Sorry, this item is temporarily sold out. Due date ~12/22
566 Metallic Russet
567 Super Sparkle
568 Pearlescent White
569 Pearlescent Violet
570 Pearlescent Blue
571 Pearlescent Turquoise
572 Pearlescent Emerald
573 Pearlescent Magenta
574 Hi-Lite Red
575 Hi-Lite Violet
576 Hi-Lite Blue
450 Volt
451 Miami
452 Gamma Blue
453 Military Green
454 Fire Red
455 Navy
456 Tanned Leather
457 Concrete Grey
580 Yellow (Primary)
581 Gold Yellow
582 Magenta
583 Red (Primary)
584 Blue (Primary)
585 Turquoise
586 Violet
587 Green
588 Black
8 oz. - Sorry, this item is temporarily sold out. 09/15/23 On order and out of stock with the manufacturer. Due date ~12/22
589 White
590 Ochre
591 Russet
592 Brown
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Lumiere & Neopaque is just about the best fabric paint available anywhere. The secret is that it contains more pigment that is higher quality than other paints. Lumiere is also the most shiny metallic fabric paint we have ever seen, and both Neopaque and Lumiere are totally opaque for the best coverage of dark fabrics and leathers. Great for metallic accents on dyed or painted silk too! These paints work on many other surfaces besides fabric, like leather, wood and paper. Shoe painters say these give the absolute best coverage on any color leather. Fantastic paints!

We estimate an 8 oz. jar will cover 12 sq. feet when painting and 24 sq feet when stamping. The Lumiere is truly metallic, not just metallic colored. Easy clean up with soap and water. Excellent washfastness and drycleanability after heat-setting with an iron or commercial silk screening dryer. Great for stamping and stenciling too. Produces clear prints with fine detail. Leather can also be painted and need not be heatset.


Lumiere Palette Demystified from Jacquard Products on Vimeo.

Lumiere & Neopaque - General Information

Lumiere & Neopaque are highly "color" saturated paints that intermix beautifully to create an unlimited range of custom colors. When you are looking for TOTAL coverage and a soft flexible hand on fabrics, particularly blacks and denims, LUMIERE paints are the very best. From a 4 oz jar you can expect maximum coverage of about 6 square feet when hand painting and 12.5 square feet when stamping. The LUMIERE paints are truly metallic for that special glitz and elegant sheen! These paints work on natural fabrics, synthetics and blends. We recommend pre-washing fabrics, pressing after washing. The paints are not effective on fabrics which have been treated with a repellent finish such as water repellent or soil repellent. In addition to hand painting on fabrics, the consistency of the paints is just right for use on leather, wood, paper, walls, canvas, basketry material, fibers and for highlighting over hand dyed fabrics. Use the paints for stamping, & stenciling too. The paints will maintain their original consistency for a minimum of 1 year. Store out of the sunlight, in a cool dark place out of the reach of children. Clean up is with soap and water. Safe and easy to use. Stir paints well from the bottom up before using. We always recommend good safety precaution in your work space, and good ventilation, thin latex gloves and an apron to protect skin and clothing. To apply the paints, use firm brushes, stencil brushes, rollers, brayers, sponges, metal tipped applicators for fine lines, squeeze bottles, rubber stamps, and an assortment of natural objects such as leaves, etc. Add 10-20% of the extender to thin the paints for a watercolor wash look


  1. As a resist: LUMIERE paints can be used as an alternative to colored and metallic resists. Safe to use and permanent after heat setting. Apply the paints with a fine line metal tipped applicator, brush or stamp. Set according to directions and then paint with dyes.
  2. Line work and surface decoration: Once your fabric is dyed or painted, set, rinsed and ironed, use the paints for surface embellishments and highlights. This can be line work, brush strokes or stamping. Set the paints.
  3. Stenciling: LUMIERE paints will produce clear print resolutions and hold a fine detail. Use stencil paper, waterproof per-cut stencils and masking tape. Excellent with traditional stencil brushes and foam rollers. When using the foam roller, the number of passes will determine the effect. You can obtain from a brushed look to crisp solid color.
  4. Stamping: Great for stamping! Make your own with our flexible printing plate, or purchase ready made stamps. Apply the paint to the stamp lightly with a foam brush. Apply even pressure and stamp.
  5. Marbling: when marbling use a methyl cellulose base. Some customers have obtained spectacular results when using the LUMIERE paints in combination on one project. However, because of all the pigment, these paints are notoriously hard to float on the size (tend to sink), so we actually do not recommend this product as a paint of choice for marbling.
  6. Sponge painting: Use sponges with different textures to imitate the look of rocks, wood or marble. A wide variety of sponge textures are available at hardware stores and drugstores. Apply the paint directly into the sponge and print. Use for repeat patterns. Several colors can be used at one time to simulate patterns.
  7. Monopainting: You may wish to add some extender to the paints because they dry very quickly. Using the back of a spoon, lightly coat a smooth flat surface (Plexiglass, glass) with the paints. Outline shapes with tool and /or drop some isopropyl alcohol. to disperse the paints. Place fabric (silk canvas, etc) over that and use a brayer or roller to imprint.
  8. Leaf and found object painting: A leaf is the perfect example. Coat a leaf with paint (blend colors directly on the leaf). Place the painted leaf upside down on the fabric. Cover with paper and apply even pressure either with your hand, or a roller or a brayer. Remove the leaf, dry and set. The effect obtained by feathers and other found objects is quite attractive.
  9. Painting leather: LUMIERE paints are very effective on leather and do not require heat setting. Use only leather which has not been waterproofed and has no repellent finish. Air cure for one week before dry cleaning. Create custom leather accessories such as belts shoes, gloves, wallets handbags and jewelry. Revitalize old leather shoes, belts, boots, etc.

Heat Setting

When properly heat set, painted fabrics can be laundered and dry cleaned. They have excellent wash-fastness when laundered on the gentle cycle and dried on low heat without fabric softeners. Items which will not be laundered need not be heat set. When applying one product over another, always set the first before applying the next. allow the paint to dry to the touch and air cure for 24 hours. Set the paints in one of the following methods.

  • For smaller surfaces, use a dry iron and protect your iron and ironing board with a press cloth. Iron both sides for a least 30 seconds on each side, with the iron set on cotton/linen setting.
  • For large projects and yardage, approximately 3 to 5 yards, or for sensitive fabrics such as polyester, nylon and acetate, use a high temperature commercial dryer set at 180 degrees for a minimum of one hour. Painted leather does not require heat setting and can be safely cleaned through a leather cleaning process after the leather has cured for one week.

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Lumiere & Neopaque FAQ


What is the difference between Lumiere & Neopaque, Dye-Na-Flow, and Textile Colors?


All three are waterbased acrylic paints and they all work together very well. However, each one has its own unique charateristics:

Dye-Na-Flow is a very fluid textile paint that has the consistency of water. It can be used for water color like washes and silk painting techniques.

Textile Colors are medium bodied semi-opaque paints ideal for fabric painting.

Lumiere & Neopaque are light bodied, very flexible paints suitable for various surfaces such as leather, paper, & fabric. The Neopaques are very opaque and excellent for covering dark materials. The Lumiere line is a gorgeous assortment of metallics & pearlescents.


Can I mix Lumiere & Neopaque with Jacquard Textile Colors and Dye-Na-Flow?


Absolutely, all are acrylic paints and they work very well together. Keep in mind that the consistencies of each paint are different, so your resulting colors may be thicker or thinner.


How do I use Lumiere & Neopaque for stamping?


You can use them straight from the bottle. Try applying them to the stamp with a sponge brush or makeup sponge.


Can I thin Lumiere & Neopaque for airbrushing?


Yes. They can be diluted with water by up to 25% to pass through an airbrush.


I've followed all the directions for heat setting, but my paints are washing off. What did I do wrong?


Make sure that you are using a dry iron at the correct temperature setting for the fabric. If you don't heat set at a high enough temperature for a long enough time, the paint may not be thoroughly set. Sometimes if you are using a top loading washing machine, it can abrade the paint from the fabric. Pre-washing fabrics before doing any surface treatments to remove any factory sizings may also help.


Are Lumiere & Neopaque dry-cleanable?


Yes. Once properly heat set, Lumiere & Neopaque are dry cleanable.


When do I use the Flowable Extender?


Flowable Extender is the medium-bodied clear acrylic base for Lumiere & Neopaque. Mix it into any other Lumiere and Neopaque color to create transparency without changing the consistency of the paint.

For a transparent metallic shimmer, try adding some Pearl-Ex Powdered Pigments to the extender for use on fabric.


What are the ways to heat-set textile paints?


Heat setting is necessary with most Fabric Paints to lock the color into the fibers so it's washable. (Paint must be thoroughly dry!) There are a few different methods.

Ironing is a major home option. Preheat the iron at the maximum temperature safe for the fabric. Most paints say to iron each spot for 2-3 minutes. Using Aluminum foil can cut back on this time. Place aluminum foil on the ironing board with the shiny side up. Put the fabric over that with the painted face down. Place another sheet of foil on top, shiny side down. Each square foot must be pressed for 15-25 seconds keeping the iron moving so as to not scorch the fabric. (Inexpensive plastic irons sometimes don't get hot enough).

A commercial dryer that reaches 250 degrees minimum can be used for 30-45 minutes depending on the fabric and fabric paint used. The dryer must be preheated and please note that home dryers usually don't get hot enough.

Another method is using a commercial conveyor type oven: 350* for 3 minutes, 2 passes if necessary. A home oven can be safely used (except for accessories that have plastic inserts!), 250* for 25 min. Coil the fabric in a loose roll and lay it on some paper, not allowing the fabric to touch the side or rack of the oven. All temperatures and amounts of times are dependant on the fabric, fabric paint, amount of coverage and equipment used. TEST!

To eliminate heatsetting, try Versatex's No Heat Fixative! Works with most brands of fabric paints.


How can I do monoprinting using Lumiere & Neopaque Paints?


To slow the drying process you should add extender to the paints. Using the back of a spoon, lightly coat a smooth flat surface (plexiglass, glass) with the Lumiere. Outline the shapes with a tool and drop some isopropyl alcohol to disperse the paints. Place fabric (silk, canvas, etc.) over that and use a brayer or a roller to imprint.
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This Starter Set contains:
Six 2.25oz. bottles (Gold, Bronze, Silver, Russet, Copper, and Pearl White). Includes instructions.

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Jacquard Lumiere Starter Set $44.34 $22.89
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Color Chip / Item imageLumiere Starter Set
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This Starter Set contains:
Six 2.25oz. jars (Yellow, Red, Blue, Black, White, Magenta). Includes instructions.

Product Details List Price 1+
Jacquard Neopaque Starter Set $44.34 $22.89
Product Details Qty
Color Chip / Item imageNeopaque Starter Set
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This Starter Set contains:
Nine 1/2oz. applicator bottles of Lumiere & Neopaque Fabric Paints. (561-Metallic Gold, 562-Metallic Olive, 564-Metallic Copper, 565-Metallic Bronze, 568-Pearl White, 569-Pearl Violet, 570-Pearl Blue, 588-Opaque Black, 589-Opaque White.)

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Jacquard Lumiere & Neopaque Mini Starter Set $23.19 $14.99
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Use the Extender to lighten colors without thinning the paints.

Product Details List Price 1+
Lumiere And Neopaque Extender - 2 1/4 Oz. $7.39 $3.99
Lumiere And Neopaque Extender - 8 Oz. $22.99 $12.49
Product Details Qty
Color Chip / Item image Extender - 2 1/4 oz.
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Color Chip / Item image Extender - 8 oz.
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Average Customer Review
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5 star rating
This is absolutely my favorite metallic paint! It goes on so smoothly and leaves a soft texture not stiff at all. It works on all kinds of fibers. I've painted it on silk for an embellishment and it leaves the silk still lovely and soft but with a metallic sheen. I've used it on leathersuede shoes paper even my front door!
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28 of 28 users found this review helpful.

5 star rating
Love these! Durable easy to use easy to clean up beautiful colors. After heat setting (24 hours to dry) they are wash and dryable. I don't even turn them inside out.
Was this review helpful?  I found this review helpful This review was not helpful
23 of 23 users found this review helpful.

5 star rating
I ordered some of the lumiere paints for use on leather which is a very difficult material to print on. These inks work wonderfully on the deerskin so far next i will try split lambskin (suede texture). To test the durability I stretched the hyde and wet the surface and even scrubbed it with the scrubbing side of a sponge and it has withheld all began to scrub off eventually but really a terrific paint and I highly recommend to anyone that is block printing or painting on leather.
Was this review helpful?  I found this review helpful This review was not helpful
15 of 15 users found this review helpful.

5 star rating
We love Lumiere as a gutta.
Was this review helpful?  I found this review helpful This review was not helpful
12 of 13 users found this review helpful.

5 star rating
Beautiful product the Lumiere goes on so smoothly and it is a nice opaque colour with one or two coats. It's good for synthetic fabric.
Was this review helpful?  I found this review helpful This review was not helpful
8 of 9 users found this review helpful.

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