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Paints For Marbling 
Only certain paints will work well in marbling - they have to be able to float on the surface of the "size". Some do, some don't, even within each brand suggested below. The thicker paints are thinned with water, Versatex Dispersant, or Oxgall to help them float better. All of the paints below have been used with success by some experienced marblers. Again, some colors will float better than others. Dispersant is your friend.    continued...
All-Purpose Ink
Pros:It's blendability, washability and versatility, it's quick-drying, water-based and non-toxic, and has a very light hand.
Cons: It's recommended to use on 100% cotton or silk. Would probably work on other smooth natural fabrics. It's a small bottle.
All-Purpose Ink Sets
4 Piece Starter Sets
Jacquard Airbrush (& Marbling) Colors
Pros: Excellent for airbrushing, good pigment concentration, leaves a soft hand.
Cons: None
Marbling Starter Set
USE FOR: Marbling
USE ON: Most Fabrics (untreated), canvas, paper
Dye-Na-Flow Fabric Paint
Pros: Versatile, thin flowable paint for silk painting and many other uses on most fabrics, even untreated leather. Easy to use, non-toxic, very economical, comes in various sizes, great for teachers
Cons: We couldn't think of any!
Dye-Na-Flow - Starter Set
USE FOR: Silk paint, Airbrush, Spray, Sponge print, Paint, Tie-dye
USE ON: Most all natural and synthetic fabrics.
Dr. Ph. Martin's Spectralite
Pros: Great for marbling, leaves soft hand on fabric, very concentrated pigment
Cons: Needs the addition of a catalyst to make it permanent, either a heatfix catalyst, or an airfix catalyst.
Setasilk - Silk Paint
Pros: Bright colors! Easy to use, water-based, non-toxic thin paint that can be an alternative for dye, heliographic (can be used full strength for sun painting)
Cons: Not available in larger sizes (250ml max)
Setasilk Starter Set
Jacquard Textile Colors
Pros: Economical, easy to use, lots of bright colors, leaves a soft hand.
Cons: None we could come up with!
Setacolor Fabric Paints By Pebeo
Pros: Has different consistencies for sunpainting (Transparent Colors) or painting over a dark color (Opaque colors), or enhancing with a metallic (Pearlescent Colors)
Cons: None
Mini Marbling Kit

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