Dharmaset (Acid) Dyes

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USE FOR: Tub Dyeing or direct application techniques (with steaming); Most washfast of all of the Acid Dyes.

USE ON: Protein fibers like wool, silk, hair (fur), feathers, etc., also works on nylon. Sometimes used on leather. Use on protein fabrics or rovings you are wet felting with hot water - won't bleed.

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NEW, for Wool, Silk, Nylon and other protein fibers and fabrics: Dharmaset Dyes! The real deal, the pure stuff, fresh from the manufacturer, no subs, no cutting, no "off brands".

Folks have been requesting that we sell Dharmaset Dyes with our great Dharma Prices for years. We resisted because they were so expensive. But we realized that there really is a need for them, and that some companies are selling some of what are normally the most expensive colors partially cut, or not even the real deal because of the prohibitive pricing. (In those cases they have usually been given another name.) So we decided to give it a try, because we have folks out there who need the real deal.

Why Dharmaset? Dharmaset Dyes are more permanent than regular Acid Dyes, wash fast even in hot water, and completely intermixable to your heart's content to get any color or shade you want. They are a concentrated mix of 1:2 metal complex, acid and reactive dyes with high wet and light fastness. A lot of wool dyers prefer Dharmaset to regular Acid Dyes, as do felters who use hot water in their felting process, as the Dharmaset won't bleed, but the Acid Dyes will. 

Acid dyes are normally the dye of choice for wool and silk, are affordable and give wondrous colors. But there are a couple of issues with Acid Dyes. First, there are 3 classes of Acid Dyes, and mixtures that combine classes are very difficult to get even and "level", as the combining colors tend to "split" out unless you use ph buffers, stir a lot and follow directions precisely. Second, items dyed with Acid Dyes have to be washed forever after in cold water because Acid Dyes form a weaker bond than something like Procion dyes on cotton, for example. They also tend to shift color on wool or nylon (as opposed to silk), especially color mixes, giving occasional unpredictable color.

Dharmaset Dyes do have a couple of cons as well, so you make your choice. A few of the colors are very expensive. They also are a bit harder to use than the Leveling or Milling class Acid dyes. Once the dyebath reaches the high temperature needed for fixing, they tend to strike FAST! So if you need your dye job to be even and level, you will need to use some auxiliary chemicals besides just Vinegar or Citric Acid. LevelSet  improves the compatibility of the Dharmaset dyes, promotes their migration and exhaustion, and greatly helps to ensure fiber and surface levelness. These effects can be improved still further by an addition of 5-10% Glauber's salt (particular recommended for dyeing yarn and piece goods). Ammonium Sulfate is a useful ph buffer.

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These are pre-metalized dyes which means they hold color and can do amazing solids with your yarn. Sometimes you need solids. Toe and heel yarn for socks these are fabulous. I also use these for kettle dyes and anything with Alpaca in it. They don't fade give me grief and you can get the most amazing (Blue Box Special Jewelry Store) blue that you've ever encountered. Use the 714 at .1% and see for yourself. I do not use Albegal and do fine but I've been dyeing with these for years. You can use them with the acid dyes but the acidity must be a tad lower. I always use Ammonium Sulfate and Glauber's Salt with these and keep the pH around three. I have a meter and although you don't need one if you are going to dye for sales you probably want one. The regular acid dyes do well at a higher pH even around five but these like it lower. I also put them in a slow rising temp bath. Your mileage may vary. The black alone is so worth it. The depth of shade is amazing and it holds up really well even in superwash socks I've been known to wash by accident in the machine. You cannot go wrong with these if you follow all the instructions and test them at .1% .5% 1% 2% and higher on black. The colors are rich and gem-like without overpowering. You can go for stripes and variegation a lot of people do. However like I wrote above for solids and tonals this is my go-to favorite hands down. Worth a slight bit more time. In my experience the 701 yellow will go bad faster than the other colors in a dye stock solution. I don't make up tons even though I mix it more than the other colors to make more colors I just do it a bit more often. Your nose will tell you when it's time to make new. I keep a 2% and a .5% stock solution of all the colors at the ready. I do add a titch of rubbing alcohol into the mix. I've also had amazing success with using all the Dyes Dharma sells with Distilled Water. It makes the colors pop and our water pH is a tad high here about 9. I thought I was seeing things when I tested it but that's where Ann Arbor keeps it's water pH at. If your pH is high you need more acid to get your acidity to 5 or below. If you are on city water and dye with it your city water department can tell you your average pH level for your water. If it's not online it's more than worth a call. They get those a lot and not just from dyers.
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My first use of Lanaset dyes and I am totally blown Away by the brilliant density of colour ease of use and total take up of dyeI used Golden Yellow Red and Bordeaux in stripes of dye powder on layers of wool in a slow cookerThe result was fantastic mottled reds oranges yellows and dark magenta to make the most sublime merino sock wool you could wish for !!!Loris at McAuslin Merino
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I have been using Lanaset for years and have an extensive collection of dye samples and formulas. Happy to report that these from Dharma do indeed match the Lanaset colors purchased elsewhere. I am starting to host "dye days" with my fiber guild and am glad that now I can buy ALL my favorite dyes and supplies from Dharma!
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Great stuff!
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