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Sodium Sulfate

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Improves the yield of Turquoise Fiber Reactive Dye and colors marked (T), giving a more intense color.

For dyeing solid shades: use 1 cup per gallon of water

For tie-dyeing: use 1 tablespoon per cup of dye solution.

Also used as a leveling agent for production dyeing with Leveling class Acid Dyes for wool and silk to get the most even results - use about 1 TBS per lb of wool or silk. Yield: Approximately 1 1/4 cups per lb, but that can vary based on the density of individual lots.

Note - this is the anhydrous form of Sodium Sulfate, not the deca-hydrated form. Best for dying as mentioned above, but not usually what you are looking for for science experiments! (we've been asked)


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Upon recommendation from a veteran fiber artist I use Glauber's Salt rather than vinegar or citric acid when I dye animal fibers. No bleeding of color. It works. I put a teaspoon of the Glauber's Salt with 18 teaspoon of Dharma acid dye in a quart jar on medium low heat for a half hour. The natural fibers absorb the dye well. I try not to over-crowd the mason jar. I recently started using the microwave instead. Very neat! Dissolve the Glauber's Salt and dye in the microwave for less time than it takes to heat a beverage. You don't want anything to boil! Stir it. Add the animal fiber pushing and gently stirring with a chop stick. Put it back into the microwave for the same amount of time. Stir it again. Let it sit for five or more minutes. Put it back in the microwave again for a similarly short time. The dye should be mostly absorbed. - - GLAUBER'S SALT IS AWESOME.
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Service as always is AWESOMEAdding Glauber's salt to our pot dyed has improved the quality of the uniformity of color in the batch.I would consider it a BEST FIND this year
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This was the first time I had used this product- it seemed to work fine. I have since learned that this can be used directly with the dye instead of in a chem water mix. I will try this next time
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Used this for the Cayman Isle Green like it said to. Found it did emphasize the strength of the color but i also may have used a little too much causing the dye to get gritty.
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HUGE difference since using this and distilled water for my dyes!!!
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