Fiber Reactive Dye Custom Color Sets

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Sorry. Custom Color Sets are currentrly unavailable due to COVID-19 demands on dyes.
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Our Dharma Fiber Reactive dye is the dye of choice for all cellulose fibers, like cotton, rayon, hemp, bamboo, Tencel, etc. They are even sometimes used for silk because they are so economical. This is the dye you've seen on tie-dyes on the street, at fairs, festivals and concerts - the colors are brilliant and permanent. They don't fade, even after repeated washings. Because they don't come off, they are even safe on infant clothing, once properly washed out. They are economical, and easy to use. Superior to supermarket dyes in every way! Buy in small quantities, or in bulk or in kits. Dharma Fiber Reactive Procion type Dyes are good for all the techniques listed below and more!

Use Dharma Fiber Reactive Procion type Dyes for:

We also have four Fiber Reactive Dye Tie-Dye Kits:

Colors above (from samples done on cotton) are intended as a guide. They may vary from monitor to monitor (depending on the quality and your personal settings) and may not match actual dyed fabrics. Some colors can shift dramatically on proteins such as silk and wool (for example, black gives a lovely maroon or brown). Colors can shift due to water conditions, temperature, etc., and dyelots can vary sometimes. When your end color needs to be very specific, we recommend a test first, before dyeing your main project or going into production. All of the colors can be mixed for an endless pallet!


A Few Things About Purchasing Dye:

  • Colors without a star require 1 level tablespoon (1/4 to 1/2 oz.) for each lb. of fabric to closely match the color card. Note that more precise results can be achieved using a scale and our Procion Dye Yields Estimator.
  • Colors with * require 2X as much dye.
  • Colors with * * require 4X as much dye.

Colors marked (T) contain #25 Turquoise these colors:

  1. Require more rinsing to remove the excess dye than do other colors.
  2. Warmer tap water (up to 130°F) when vat dyeing, can yield deeper shades.
  3. Using Glauber's salt instead of plain salt when vat dyeing can also improve results.

#56 Azure Blue also yields deeper shades when vat dyed at a higher temperature (hot tap water 130° to 150°F).


A Few Things About Black Dye:

There are now currently 5 blacks. Each has a different color cast. All except #250 work well in direct application methods like tie-dye where the fabric is kept moist long enough for the dye to develop full color. You will see some differences depending upon which you use, your particular situation, and your techniques. When tub/vat dyeing (solid shade dyeing), there are some clear differences...

#44 Better Black
Tub dyes with a purple-blue cast and edges are blue in tie-dye.

#39 Black
Tub dyes with a green cast and edges are blue in tie-dye.

#250 Jet Black
This is the most concentrated of all the blacks and gives the deepest black when used for tub dyeing with hot tap water (130° to 150°F). In tie-dye, not hot enough, so comes out pea green to grey. As of 2/1/13, we have about 300 lbs of this color left. We will be discontinuing it because the raw material costs have almost doubled. The replacement will be #275 - Hot Black.

#300 New Black
Tub dyes with a very blue cast and edges are blue in tie-dye. Tie-dye came out really black in warm ambient room temp of 75°F or more! (unlike #250, which it is replacing).

#275 Hot Black - NEW!
Tub dyes in HOT (130° to 150°F) tap water with a deep neutral black cast on cotton and edges are bluish grey in tie-dye.

For best tub dyed blacks, use Dharma Dye Fixative in a rinse. Black is a tough color - use a lot of dye and when vat dyeing, double the salt. Do NOT use most Fiber Reactive Procion Dye Blacks to get black on silk, use acid dye on wool and silk for solid black. An exception is our new #275 - Hot Black. With Soda Ash on silk is a deep blackish brown; with vinegar on silk, came out black in our tests, on silk and a less deep shade of black on wool. We are very excited about this black! Try it!


Everything you need for tie-dyeing about 100 T-shirts except the dye and shirts (choose your own dye colors)

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Choose Your Own Colors Big Group Tie-Dye Kit $49.95
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This kit has no dyes. Click the links below to order dyes.
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Everything you need for tie-dyeing about 50 T-shirts except the dye and shirts (choose your own dye colors)

Product Details 1+
Choose Your Own Colors Little Group Tie-Dye Kit $36.95
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Due to N95 shortages, each kit will include a surgical style mask until further notice.
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Nice color sets please keep this option availible.
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Quality fiber reactive dyes. The only down side - too many color choices.
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Nice to have a color scheme already set up.
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Really like having a custom color set option.
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This jewel tone set was great. Perfect rainbow colors but slightly darker than the standard rainbow set.
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2 of 3 users found this review helpful.


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