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Textile paints stay on the surface of the fabric, they are usually acrylic and water-based. They need to be heat set with an iron, in a professional dryer, or set with a no-heat fixative.

A silk or rayon velvet with a lustrous pile flattened in one direction by rollers. Also called panne velvet.

Paraffin Wax
A natural wax used as a resist in batik that produces lots of cracks

Paste Resist
A substance applied to fabric and then when dried it will resist dyes and paints. Examples are wax, starch pastes, and gutta resists.

Paints that have a pearly sheen.

A smooth, finely combed woven sheeting with a minimum of 180 threads per square inch.

The level of endurance of a paint or dye color. Also known as the wash-fast.

Prepared For Dyeing: Clothing that is not treated with optical whiteners, so they take dye better. If unbleached, have a natural ecru or cream color. They are sewn with cotton thread for dyeing, and cut larger to allow for shrinkage. Recommended for solid color dyeing.

The amount of acidity or alkalinity of a solution. A neutral PH is 7.0. Less than that is acidic and more than that is alkaline or basic.

pH Balance
The level of acidity/alkalinity of a liquid.

pH Test Paper
Use this to check the acidity/alkalinity of your presoak and waste-water. Used for septic tanks.

pH Value
Measure of hydrogen ion concentration in a liquid. The lower it is (0 to 7) the more acidic it is. The higher it is the more alkaline (7-14) it is.

A single filling thread woven across the warp thread in weaving.

A decorative edging on a ribbon or lace made by small repetitive loops.

Piece Dyeing
The process of dyeing a portion of fabric after it has been woven.

A powder-form of color that can be combined with an acrylic base for paint or made into a "pigment dye." It isn't actually a dye, it sits on the surface of the fibers.

Tiny fuzz balls on a fabric surface caused by wear.

A surface effect on fabric that has been formed by tufts or loops of fibers that stand up from the main body of the cloth such as velvet.

High quality cotton made into a fabric well known for its fine weave. It is used for dress shirts, fine heirloom items and applique.

Pinpoint Oxford
High quality lightweight cotton with a rib weave and smooth surface often used for shirts.

A piece of cloth used as reinforcement or closure on a garment, such as the zipper placket on a pair of slacks.

Plain Weave
A weave with one thread over and one thread under, used in sheeting.

A fabric with a crinkled or puckered effect usually in the direction of the warp.

Pocket Weave
A double-layered, jacquard fabric designed with both warps and fillings.

A knitted fabric typically in the shape of chevrons (V's).

Polished Cotton
A plain weave cotton cloth characterized by a sheen ranging from dull to bright created through the weave or with resin.

A fabric of interlock basis which is very firm and stable.

Pot Ash
Also called Potassium Carbonate. A replacement for dye activator or soda ash. It dissolves very easily.

Potato Dextrin
This paste resist produces lace like patterns and the crackle lines similar to batik, without the use of wax. Potato dextrin is not suitable for immersion dye baths; direct application techniques are recommended. There are recipes in the books for cooking it (i.e. Color by Design by Ann Johnston).

A strong and durable man-made fabric consisting of repeated units of ester. Used in many types of clothing.

A silk, rayon, wool, or cotton fabric with a fine horizontal rib effect on the surface because of a warp yarn finer than the filling yarn; usually a high-thread-count cloth. Poplin is used for high-quality shirting and upholstery.

Potato Starch
A resist made from potatoes used to make surface designs. Some books have recipes for using this (i.e. Complex Cloth by Jane Dunnewold)

Pre-metallized dye
This is an acid dye to which metal salts or mordants have been added.

A preparation in which the fibers are soaked in a bath of water and chemical assistants prior to direct application.

A water soluble resist. A non-toxic alternative to waxes and guttas. It can be painted, screened, stamped and stenciled onto fabric.

Primary Colors
Three basic colors from which all others are theoretically derived. Most commonly they are red yellow and blue.

First coat of paint applied to a surface. Such paints are designed to provide adhesion to new surfaces or are formulated to meet the special requirements of the surfaces. Most textile paints won't attach to a primer.

Print Paste Mix
A mixed formula in dry form containing Urea, Sodium alginate, Ludigol and Hexametaphosphate (water softener), so that when mixed with water it is ready to go. Use with procion dyes for printing on silk, nylon, cottons and other natural fabrics, especially when fine line definition is required.

A method of transferring images to fabric (usually tightly woven), using a silk screen, a printing block or a roller.

Printing Ink or Paint
(printing paint) A thick paint used in screen printing, block printing, stenciling and painting.

Procion Fiber Reactive Dyes
These are highly reactive dyes for cotton, rayon, silk, wool, and any natural fibers. They can be used in a vat dye and to paint with and are curable at room temperature.

Protein Fiber
Any fiber derived from animal hair which shares a molecular structure. Silk and wool are both protein fibers.

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