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iDye Sun Blocker

 4.67 ( 3 review )
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  1/2 oz. (14 grams)
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Product Description
Some people have very sensitive skin. They burn easily, peel instead of tan, and generally look like they have lived in a dark, damp cave for the last thousand years where they lost all pigment in their skin, leaving them pale like the flesh of a maggot, and grew over-large eyes so they can see in the gloom of the underworld.
If you are one of these Morlocks, cannibalistic under-dwellers with pasty skin that burns easily, then iDye sun blocker could really be a help.
Just think! You could slink forth during the day to collect your ‘food’ without the worry of burning in the hated sun!
But seriously, if you are not a Morlock, or haven't read "The Time Machine", or are just one of us regular folk who happens to have a sun allergy or wants to prevent skin cancer, iDye Sunblocker can help you too! One packet of sun blocker will block up to 96% of the sun's harmful UV rays from hitting your skin through your clothes for up to 20 washings. It creates an invisible shield in the fabric and turns a plain T-shirt from UPF5 to UPF30! Using this type of product has been endorsed by dermatologists and the Skin Cancer Foundation.
Sun Blocker can be used on all 100% natural fabrics (silk, cotton, linen, wool, rayon). Not for synthetic fabrics. One package treats 2-3 lbs. (1-1.3 kg.) of fabric. Be very careful when using not to get this product in your eyes!
1. Fill washing machine with just enough hot water for the fabric to move freely.
2. Add iDye Sun Blocker soluble packet and dissolve, then add fabric.
3. Run the garment through the wash cycle and dry.

3 Reviews
Average Customer Review
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I was a little offended because you left vampires out of the write up - seems they would need it more than anyone! But this is a very useful product!
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easy to use don't know how I'll keep track of 20 washes, but seems like a good idea
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I tie dye a complete line for a store that sells items supporting breast cancer awareness. Being able to infuse my products with sunblock is a bonus for that shopper who may be going through chemo and has sensitivity to the sun even with clothes on. It's litterally a life saver!
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