Many dyes, paints and techniques require the use of more specialized chemicals and auxiliary products in order to work properly. Naturally, we have all those products here for you at great prices and discounts. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to give us a call toll free at 800-542-5227. 

Soda Ash Fixer
Get it for $1.69
Get it for $2.15
Dharma Professional Textile Detergent
Highly recommended!
Discounted as low as $3.75
The original, and the best!
Discounted as low as $4.15
Dharma Dye Fixative
Increase wash-fastness, prevent bleeding!
Discounted as low as $1.65
Retro Clean and Retro Wash
Amazing stuff - really works!
Get it for $4.09
Dyer's Salt
5 lb. bag & 25 lb. box
Discounted as low as $4.95
Jacquard iDye Fixative
Discounted as low as $3.15
Methocel (Methylcellulose)
Get it for $15.95
iDye Color Remover
Discounted as low as $2.36
iDye Poly Color Intensifier
Get it for $14.59
Jacquard AirFix
Get it for $7.38
Industrial Polyester Dye Carrier
Get it for $17.25
Alter Ego Dyes Fixative
Discounted as low as $7.85
Water Softener
Get it for $5.95
Get it for $3.95
Citric Acid Powder
Get it for $4.25
Sodium Alginate
Get it for $5.95
Albegal Set
Get it for $13.95
Get it for $6.95
Calsolene Oil
Get it for $3.65
Get it for $2.59
Bleach Thickener
Get it for $12.95
Sodium Hydrosulfite
Discounted as low as $7.49
Jacquard Screen Ink Discharge
Get it for $11.84
Dharma Color Remover
Discounted as low as $2.79
Dharma Discharge Paste
formerly "Discharge Paste"
Get it for $7.75
deColourant Mist Spray 4 oz. - White Cream
Discounted as low as $6.29
Optic Whitener
Get it for $4.95
Reduran Hand Cleaner
Formally known as Reduran
Discounted as low as $7.39
Glauber's Salt
Get it for $1.65
Jacquard Silk Salt
Discounted as low as $1.35
Discounted as low as $2.49
Ludigal F
Get it for $3.99
Fire Retardant Spray
Fire-Proof and Non-Toxic
Discounted as low as $14.50
Ray Bloc for Clothing
Discounted as low as $10.29
Ray Bloc for Fabrics
for All Fabrics
Discounted as low as $8.31
Aqua Armor
Discounted as low as $18.46
Tannic Acid
Get it for $8.65
Get it for $3.49
Potassium Alum
Potassium Aluminum Sulfate
Get it for $5.39
Eucalan Wool & Silk Wash
Get it for $4.75
Unicorn Fibre Products
Clean Happily Ever After
Get it for $3.23
Fiber Etch
Make your own cutwork!
Discounted as low as $9.25
Ph Test Paper
Discounted as low as $9.75
Print Base Kit
Discounted as low as $4.75
Discounted as low as $28.39
Encaustic Medium 1lb.
Get it for $22.49
Damar Resin 8 oz.
Discounted as low as $6.75
Dorland's Wax Medium
Liquid Cold Wax
Get it for $6.35
Leather Care Chemicals
Get it for $2.45
Fire Retardant Clear Matte
Get it for $247.50
Fire Retardant Wood Coating
Get it for $247.50
Fire Retardant Latex Varnish
Get it for $247.50

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