Water Based Resists

There is a trend towards the use of water-based resists over solvent based Guttas. They avoid the flammability & health issues of Guttas. The clear ones wash out in warm water instead of needing dry cleaning. The colored ones are heatset by steaming or ironing, and then are dry-cleanable, unlike Gutta. Some say they work as well, some say they don't. Jacquard has just developed a NEW one with great promis! You definitely need to be more careful applying the dye so you don't "flood" your resist lines. Also, careful about steaming water soluble resists. Some tend to get gummy and hard to remove, especially when you have hard water and/or long steaming times. (Jacquard's NEW one does not do this!) Read the info for each one. These shouldn't be submerged in dye fixatives either, or the same gummy problem. Paint the fixatives on instead. The clear ones and iron set colored ones work great with iron fixed silk paints when you want a totally non-toxic and steaming free experience!

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